Microwave Journal

CST announces acquisition of AURORASAT

September 29, 2016

Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) announces the acquisition of Aurora Software and Testing, SL (AURORASAT), a technology leading provider of tools for the analysis, synthesis and design of passive microwave components.

AURORASAT software products have been serving the RF and microwave industries for the last 10 years. FEST3D is a tool for the analysis and design of passive microwave components based on waveguide and coaxial cavity technology using advanced simulation algorithms for extremely low simulation times. Meanwhile, SPARK3D is the industry standard for the analysis of high power RF breakdown for space and ground applications.

“The AURORASAT and CST teams will work closely together to combine the best of FEST3D and CST STUDIO SUITE technologies,” stated Dr. Jordi Gil, CTO of AURORASAT. “We will explore all synergies between our technologies and we are confident that this will result in significant benefits to our customers.”

The AURORASAT team has a strong scientific background, which is key to solving challenging modeling problems and bringing innovative solutions to the market. Customers benefit from this knowledge and the experience, which has been gathered through many years of developing software tools and consultancy.

Dr. Carlos Vicente, CEO of AURORASAT, said, “This acquisition is the natural evolution for AURORASAT. Since its foundation in 2006, AURORASAT has been continuously developing its technology. The time has come to combine our advanced modal algorithms with 3D solver engines, and the technology in CST STUDIO SUITE is the perfect option. Moreover, the integration of SPARK3D with CST STUDIO SUITE technology will also allow for a better workflow and the offer of unique features that our customers will welcome.”

Through this acquisition, CST reinforces its commitment to delivering complete technology for 3DEM simulation, particularly to its focal market, the microwaves and RF community. FEST3D and SPARK3D complement perfectly CST’s offering for customers involved in filter and high power device design. AURORASAT will continue developing, supporting and selling their modelling tools, thus maintaining customer business continuity.

“Many of our customers in particular in the Aerospace industry are working in fields such as high power waveguide components and filters. Integrating AURORASAT’s products into our offering was a natural step,” commented Dr. Peter Thoma, Managing Director R&D, CST. “With the acquisition of these technology-leading products, we are further strengthening our position in this area by providing an outstanding set of tools for the analysis of high-power breakdown effects such as multipaction and corona.”

Further information about CST is available on the web at www.cst.com.