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CETECOM Open Lab Alliance now features Anritsu Signal Analyzer DSRC test solution

September 19, 2016

Anritsu Co., a founding member of the Open Lab Alliance (OLA), announces its Signal Analyzer MS2692A DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) test solution has now been added to the portfolio of products offered at the CETECOM OLA Lab in Milpitas, Calif. The integration of the MS2692A enhances the test capability of the OLA laboratory, which has been established to accelerate the development of connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle technologies with a major focus on the DSRC V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure) technology.

Part of a dedicated test bench at the OLA, the MS2692A has a number of unique features to shorten test times and reduce errors in DSRC designs. With the V2X Protocol Monitor and V2X Message Viewer, the MS2692A can be used to validate V2X messages of both roadside units (RSUs) and on-board units (OBUs). Cost-of-test is further reduced via the RF Automation Measurement Tool for the V2X transmission test that supports V2X standards for analyzing items such as transmit power, modulation, spectrum emission masks and spurious emissions. With an optional built-in vector signal generator, the MS2692A can capture and replay V2X/DSRC signals, as well.

OLA is hosted by a highly accredited test laboratory and is comprised of industry-leading test and measurement companies, RSU suppliers, and simulation system tool providers that deliver state-of-the-art automotive test technologies. OLA promotes a collaborative test environment to the automotive engineering and software development community.

OLA was formed by CETECOM, with Anritsu as one of the founding member companies. With multiple benches, each station addresses a specific test challenge and serves the testing community as a year-round plug-fest. In a controlled yet open work environment, engineers can develop lab experiments and perform various tests, with benches for DSRC OBUs and RSUs, Ford AppLink automotive application testing, and also test and measurement equipment for spectrum analysis, cyber security test, radio airlink channel emulation wireless connectivity, as well as automated connected driving simulation. 

In addition to the Signal Analyzer MS2692A, Anritsu has provided equipment for general troubleshooting. The Spectrum Master™ MS2720T 9 GHz portable spectrum analyzer, an Anritsu Site Master™ cable and antenna analyzer, and the Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A are also available at the OLA laboratory.

To learn more visit www.anritsu.com.