Microwave Journal

X-Band Coaxial 9.3 GHz Pulsed Magnetron: VMX3045

February 4, 2016

3045A magnetron is a high power microwave oscillator in which the potential energy of an electron cloud near the cathode is converted into RF energy in a series of cavity resonators. The VMX3045 magnetron delivers high peak and average RF power for use in medical or industrial applications.

The VMX3045 is a small and light weight magnetron that can be easily installed in numerous platforms. The small form factor is ideally suited for mobile applications or in systems where space is at a premium.

The VMX3045 will mount directly into new or existing sockets and can be operated under various pulse and input conditions to accommodate a wide range of operating requirements.


  • 9.3 GHz
  • Tunable +/- 30 MHz
  • 400 kW peak output power
  • 400 W average output power
  • Long life >2000 hours


  • High power
  • Small size
  • Ideally suited for mobile use
  • Switched IF filter

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