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NXP introduces portfolio of broadband LDMOS RF ICs for outdoor small cell base stations

May 25, 2016

NXP Semiconductors N.V. introduced the industry’s largest portfolio of broadband 28 V LDMOS two-stage, dual-path Doherty-optimized Integrated Circuits (ICs) for small cell base stations. As part of NXP’s leading RF power transistor portfolio, the new LDMOS ICs are designed to provide RF power, efficiency, and gain in all current and proposed frequency bands, from 700 to 3800 MHz, with RF output power of 2.5 to 12 W.

“The need to provide quality coverage and service to mobile phone subscribers both indoors and outdoors drives the rapid increase of small cell deployments in cellular networks. This trend will continue to accelerate as the cellular industry moves toward 5G,” said Paul Hart, executive vice president and general manager of NXP’s RF Power business unit. “Our new LDMOS RFICs are designed to meet microcell base station requirements in all bands and at all RF power levels.”

The eight new LDMOS ICs combine two stages of gain for both the carrier and peaking stages required by Doherty power amplifiers in a single device. The four symmetric devices offer ultra wideband performance, up to 900 MHz of RF bandwidth and 365 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. The family of asymmetric products covers the full range of frequencies from 700 to 3800 MHz. All are easy to linearize with analog and digital predistortion solutions.

The LDMOS ICs are extremely rugged and can operate into an impedance mismatch (VSWR) of 10:1 when driven by twice their rated RF input power without performance degradation or failure. They also incorporate features at the die and package levels that make them extremely compact. This is of critical importance for outdoor small cells which are designed to blend unobtrusively into its environments.

Broadband symmetric Doherty-optimized power amplifier ICs include:

A2I20D020N:1400 to 2300 MHz, average RF output power of 2.5 W, gain up to 29.7 dB, efficiency up to 43%, TO-270WB-17 plastic package

A2I20D040N:1400 to 2300 MHz, average RF output power of 5 W, gain up to 29.7 dB, efficiency up to 46%, TO-270WB-17 plastic package

A2I25D012N:2100 to 2900 MHz, average RF output power of 2.2 W, gain up to 27.7 dB, efficiency up to 40%, TO-270WB-15 plastic package

A2I25D025N:2100 to 2900 MHz, average RF output power of 3.2 W, gain up to 29.1 dB, efficiency up to 40%, TO-270WB-17 plastic package

Broadband asymmetric Doherty-optimized power amplifier ICs include:

A2I08H040N:728 to 960 MHz, average RF output power of 9 W, gain up to 30.7 dB, efficiency up to 46%, TO-270WB-15 plastic package

A2I20H060N:1800 to 2200 MHz, average RF output power of 12 W, gain up to 28.5 dB, gain up to 44%, TO-270WB-15 plastic package

A2I25H060N:2300 to 2690 MHz, average output power of 10.5 W, gain up to 27.5 dB, efficiency up to 41%, TO-270WB-17 plastic package

A2I35H060N:3400 to 3800 MHz, average RF output power of 10 W, gain up to 24 dB, efficiency up to 33%, TO-270WB-17 plastic package

Availability and Showcase

NXP is showcasing the eight new amplifier ICs at the International Microwave Symposium, this week, May 23-26, in San Francisco, Calif., Booth 1839.

All eight LDMOS ICs are in production. Reference designs and evaluation boards are available. For pricing or additional information, please contact your local NXP sales office or NXP-approved distributor.