Microwave Journal

Ampleon announces new innovative air cavity packaging

May 12, 2016

Ampleon announced the availability of a new package platform that will be rolled out across the entire LDMOS and GaN product portfolio. Over a dozen variants of the SOT502 and SOT539 platforms are in development. The ACP3, a copper flanged air cavity package will initially be available for GEN9 and GEN10 high power RF transistors. The first products to use the ACP3 package are the BLC9G20XS-400AVT, BLC9G20XS-550AVT and the BLC9G22XS-400AVT devices, which are now in production. Several more products covering different power levels and frequency bands are currently sampling.

Offering double-digit cost savings compared to previous packaging platforms and a 25 % typical lower thermal resistance, the ACP3 format enables higher power capability along with improved reliability, gain and efficiency characteristics. It makes possible, for example, a single-transistor Doherty of up to 80 Watts average (at the antenna).

Key applications for ACP3 devices include use in power amplifiers for LTE radio access networks where the commercial pressures of cost, size and power consumption are paramount, as is the need to increase data rates and quality of service.

Visit www.ampleon.com for more information.