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March 16, 2016

ModelithicsCOMPLETE5-01The Modelithics COMPLETE Library

The Modelithics COMPLETE Library is the premier product offered by Modelithics, Inc. The library is an extensive collection of advanced equivalent circuit simulation models for specific commercially available passive and active devices. Powerful scaling features make Modelithics models unique compared to commonly used s-parameter models or ideal component models.

The Modelithics COMPLETE Library Offers an
Unmatched Collection of EDA Simulation Models that Feature Substrate
Scalability, Pad Scalability and More


- Precision measurement-based and validated
- High frequency accuracy (RF, microwave and mm-wave)
- Scalable Microwave Global Models™ for passive capacitor, inductor and resistor families
- Non-linear active device models
- Advanced high-accuracy models for specific commercially available parts from many popular vendors
Modelithics, Inc. has been performing precision high frequency measurements and modeling of electronic components for RF and microwave design for over 15 years! The premier collection of advanced feature-rich simulation models offered is the Modelithics COMPLETE Library™, which now contains models that represent over 10,000 commercially available electronic components.  The COMPLETE library is composed of the CLR Library™, containing measurement-based Microwave Global Models™  for a multitude of commercially-available capacitor, inductor, and resistor passive component families, the NLD Library™ of non-linear diode models, the NLT Library™  of non-linear transistor models, and the SLC Library™  of system level component models for filters, couplers, attenuators, amplifiers, and more.

The Microwave Global Models developed by Modelithics are unique in the industry in that they are complex equivalent circuit models that incorporate multiple measurements within one model. A single Microwave Global model represents an entire series of part values from a specific vendor family. In addition, the models contain substrate and pad dimension scalability options, plus orientation selectability for some components. These features allow designers to specify design and fixture details in the simulation environment and the models will accurately simulate the parasitic effects in the response in accordance with the substrate, part and fixture information.

The extensive measurement set that comprises each Microwave Global Model makes it possible to conduct in-depth and powerful design analyses to help pinpoint the best design during the initial simulation phase. Designers can set up optimization and/or tuning of multiple model and design parameters and can simultaneously adjust design values during optimization to meet the set design goals. Going even further, Modelithics models are compatible with statistical analysis tools within the simulator software, so factors such as part value tolerance and design sensitivity to a specific component can be evaluated. These techniques can directly translate to cost savings by enabling careful component selection and designing for maximum efficiency.

Modelithics offers multiple ways for designers to try out the models:

  • The Modelithics SELECT+ library is a sampling of models containing up to a few of each different type of model available in Modelithics COMPLETE (CLR, NLD, NLT and SLC). SELECT+ is available for download on the Modelithics website (http://www.modelithics.com/mselect.asp)
  • The Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library is a more extensive evaluation library that contains most of the example projects offered by Modelithics (also included in COMPLETE) plus all of the models needed to run those projects. EXEMPLAR is still a small percentage of the models available in Modelithics COMPLETE, but is an excellent evaluation tool. To request EXEMPLAR, click here: http://www.modelithics.com/swrf.asp
  • Modelithics works closely with many popular component vendors under the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program. Some of these MVP companies are sponsoring a free trial of the Modelithics models available for their components. To view available libraries and request vendor library trials, visit the Vendor Sponsored Libraries page on the Modelithics website: http://www.modelithics.com/MVP/VSL.

Contact Modelithics for more information: 1-888-359-6359 or sales@modelithics.com

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