Microwave Journal

MACOM extends industry leading diode position with family of HMIC PIN diode switches

October 16, 2015

MACOM Technology Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of high-performance analog RF, microwave, millimeter wave and photonic semiconductor products, announced the SPDT MASW-002103-1363, SP3T MASW-003103-1364, and the SP4T MASW-004103-1365, a family of HMIC™ (Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) silicon PIN diode switches in conjunction with the MABT-011000-1423, a fully monolithic broadband surface mount bias network.

Covering the 0.05-20 GHz frequency range, the SPDT MASW-002103-1363, SP3T MASW-003103-1364 and SP4T MASW-004103-1365 are usable up to 26 GHz. These devices were designed for use in broadband, low to moderate signal and high-performance switch applications. Fully monolithic and rugged with a glass encapsulation, these switches all feature sets of series and shunt connected PIN diodes.

Conducive to achieving high-performance and minimizing the parasitics, these switches were fabricated using MACOM’s patented HMIC process, resulting in low loss and high isolation through low millimeterwave frequencies. To protect the junction and airbridges during handling and assembly, the topside of the devices have been fully encapsulated with silicon nitride and an additional layer of polymer. Gold metalized pads have been added to the back of the switches to produce a high functioning, solderable surmount device.

Suitable for the DC biasing of PIN diode control circuits, the MABT-011000-1423 is designed for customers in need of a rugged device featuring low loss and high-performance with exceptional repeatability through millimeter frequencies. The large vias reduces inductance, allowing customers to easily solder down the part, while the gold backside metallization provides RF and DC grounding.  The MABT-011000-1423 acts as both an RF-DC de-coupling network as well as the DC return, and contains a series DC blocking capacitor. DC currents up to 60 mA and DC voltages up to 50 V may be used to maximize performance from the device.

“This bias network and family of switches are rugged, fully monolithic devices,” said Paul Wade, Product Manager, MACOM. “Utilizing our patented HMIC process, the minimized parasitics enable high isolation, low insertion solutions for our customers.”

MACOM’s product offering continues to enable connections that we believe ensure optimal network performance across all point-to-point frequency bands. MACOM’s analog, RF, microwave and millimeterwave innovations enhance wireless bandwidth for clear, uninterrupted signals the world over.  

Production quantities and samples of MASW-003103-1364, MASW-004103-1365, MASW-002103-1363 and MABT-01100-1423 are available from stock. Final datasheets and additional product information can be obtained from the MACOM website at: www.macom.com.