Microwave Journal

200 to 3800 MHz broadband LNA for wireless applications from Skyworks

October 1, 2015

Skyworks introduces an ultra-broadband low-noise amplifier (LNA) with superior gain flatness and exceptional linearity. It is ideal for high performance cellular infrastructure, small cells, tower mounted amplifiers, remote radio units, repeaters, base stations and military LNA applications. 

The SKY67159-396LF single stage GaAs pHEMT LNA offers ultra-broadband performance with a single matching circuit, low noise figure and good linearity. On-die active bias design ensures consistent performance over process and temperature variation. The device was designed with excellent thermal characteristics allowing high performance operation at temperatures up to +105 °C. It is available in a compact, 2 x 2 x 0.75 mm, 8-pin Dual Flat No-Lead (DFN) package.

Related products and the link to the data sheet can be found on www.skyworksinc.com at: http://www.skyworksinc.com/Product/3118/SKY67159-396LF.