Microwave Journal

Single 50 W GaN PA Covers 2 to 18 GHz

September 14, 2015

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Targeting radar, electronic countermeasures, and test and measurement applications, Analog Devices has developed a power amplifier (PA) that provides 50 watts across an instantaneous bandwidth of 2 to 18 GHz. This band has historically required two amplifiers, one for 2 to 6 GHz and a second for 6 to 18 GHz. Covering the full band with a single amplifier significantly reduces the size, weight and power of the system, which is particularly important for airborne applications.

The KHPA-0218 50WA delivers 50 watts of saturated CW power and can be configured for pulsed operation. Other output power levels are available to meet customer requirements. The heart of the PA is a proprietary GaN MMIC which was optimized for power, bandwidth and efficiency. The amplifier is packaged in a compact copper chassis with an SMA female input connector and Type N female output connector. Input and output VSWR are 1.5:1. Noise figure is typically 5 dB, and the maximum out-of-band spurious noise is -70 dBc. MTBF is rated at 200,000 hours over the operating temperature range of -20° to 75°C. The amplifier is biased with a +48 V power supply, with +28 V optional.

Power sequencing, a remote inhibit control, and a TTL-level power supply state monitor are incorporated in the design to facilitate control and monitoring of the PA.

Analog Devices Inc.
Norwood, Mass.