Microwave Journal

1998 Editorial Index

A listing of 1998 Microwave Journal articles organized by subject and indexed alphabetically by author

December 1, 1998

1998 Editorial Index

Alpha Industries
"Low Voltage Power Amplifiers for GSM Handsets," No. 6, p. 116.

Analog Devices
"A 0.1 to 2.5 GHz Logarithmic Amplifier for RF Detection," No. 7, p. 142.

Anritsu Co.
"Spectrum Analyzers for High Frequency Point-to-point and Point-to-multipoint Networks," No. 3, p. 132.

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
"Increased Speed and Performance from an RF VNA," No. 1, p. 192.

ITS Electronics Inc.
"Multiband Linear Power Amplifiers," No. 10, p. 154.

K&L Microwave Inc.
"A Tunable, Dielectric-loaded Waveguide Filter," No. 8, p. 96.

Merrimac Industries Inc.
"Total Integrated Packaging Solutions," No. 11, p. 128.

"High Isolation Switches with Integral Drivers," No. 9, p. 164.

RF Micro Devices
"Highly Integrated IF ASICs for CDMA Cellular/PCS Telephones," No. 2, p. 134.

Rogers Corp.
"A Bonding Prepreg for Microwave Multilayer PCBs That Uses FR-4 Fabrication," No. 12, p. 90.

Wavesat Inc.
"A 50 W, Solid-state C-band Amplifier for Outdoor Use," No. 4, p. 110.

Amoroso, Frank and Robert A. Monzingo
"Digital Data Signal Spectral Side Lobe Regrowth in Soft Saturating Amplifiers," No. 2, p. 126.

Bundy, Scott C.
"Sensitivity Improvements and Associated Benefits of Tower-top Amplifiers," No. 4, p. 88.

Cheng, Qian, Chen Yiyuan and Zhu Xiaowei
"A 1.9 GHz Adaptive Feedforward Power Amplifier," No. 11, p. 86.

Gopani, Sunder
"SAW IF Filters in Mobile Communications Networks," No. 11, p. 110.

Hairfield, David A., Phillip D. Harvey, Yvonne L. Krayer and Troy S. Voytko
"Design of a Wideband, High Dynamic Range Downconverter Used in Smart Antenna Applications," No. 4, p. 100.

Hammond, R.B., D.J. Scalapino, J.R. Schrieffer and B.A. Willemse
"HTS Wireless Filters: Past, Present and Future Performance," No. 10, p. 94.

Huang, Cheng-Liang and Cheng-Chyi You
"Analysis and Design of Inhomogeneous Coupled-stripline Microwave Bandpass Filters," No. 9, p. 114.

Jaisson, Denis
"A Planar Impedance Transformer," No. 10, p. 108.

Jennewein, Bill
"The Age of the Precision Oscillator: The Role of the TCXO and DCXO," No. 10, p. 150.

Jokanovi´c, Branka and Velimir Trifunovi´c
"Double-Y Baluns for MMIC and Wireless Applications," No. 1, p. 70.

Kulkarni, R.G. and S.K. Lahiri
"Design Options for SAW IF Filters Used in Wireless Applications," No. 1, p. 114.

Lapidus, Alex D. and Michael A. Shapiro
"A Septum Polarizer," No. 5, p. 295.

Panicker, M.P.R., D. Douriet, M.S. Hyslop and N.L. Greenman
"Ball Grid Arrays: A DC to 31.5 GHz Low Cost Packaging Solution for Microwave and mm-wave MMICs," No. 1, p. 158.

Rodriguez-Tellez, J.
"Behavior of GaAs FET Pulsed IV Characteristics," No. 5, p. 332.

Vidmar, Matja˜z
"A Microwave Analog Frequency Divider," No. 11, p. 120.

Virdee, B.S.
"Current Techniques for Tuning Dielectric Resonators," No. 10, p. 130.

Wang, Nan-Lei Larry
"Transistor Technologies for RFICs in Wireless Applications," No. 2, p. 98.

Wilson, Chad and John Gipprich
"Integrated Resistor Networks for High Frequency Multilayer PCBs," No. 2, p. 68.

Wu, Qiang, Heng Xiao and Fu Li
"Linear RF Power Amplifier Design for CDMA Signals: A Spectrum Analysis Approach," No. 12, p. 22.

Al-Charchafchi, Sami H., Wan Khairuddin Wan Ali and Sarah R. Barnes
"Experimental Performance of an L-band Microstrip Antenna," No. 1, p. 170.

Bean, Christian, Patrick Roblin, Vakur Ertük and Roberto Rojas
"A New PCB Substrate Used for Patch Antenna Fabrication," No. 7, p. 122.

Foo, Senglee
"Thin Dielectric Radome Design Guidelines for SATCOM Antennas," No. 1, p. 22.

Foo, Senglee
"A Quadrafilar Helical Antenna for Low Elevation GPS Applications," No. 1, p. 178.

Kossiavas, G., A. Papiernik, P. Brachat and P. Ratajczak
"A Quarter-wavelength Antenna with Superposed Square Patches," No. 6, p. 82.

Robbins, David and Moeness G. Amin
"Cellular Mobile Radio Communication Channels in View of Smart Antenna Systems," No. 4, p. 74.

Sanad Mohamed and Noha Hassan
"An Internal Integrated Microstrip Antenna for PCS/Cellular Telephones and Other Hand-held Portable Communication Equipment," No. 7, p. 64.

Amoroso, Frank
"Spectral Containment by Predistortion of OQPSK Signals," No. 10, p. 22.

Budka, Thomas P., Emmanouil M. Tentzeris, Scott D. Waclawik, Nahad I. Dib, Linda P.B. Katehi and Gabriel M. Rebeiz
"Near-field Mapping above a Coupled-line Filter and a MMIC," No. 3, p. 94.

Göhrig, Detlef and Jörg Haffelder
"Simulation of Pierce Oscillators with Digital Inverters Using the Negative-resistance Model," No. 9, p. 156.

Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Ortega, Jose Luis Jimenez Martin, and Alberto Asensio López
"Effects of Matching on RF Power Amplifier Efficiency and Output Power," No. 4, p. 60.

Moore, Craig and Bruce Kopp
"Phase and Amplitude Noise Due to Analog Control Components," No. 12, p. 64.

Sporkmann, Thomas
"The Evolution of Coplanar MMICs over the Past 30 Years," No. 7, p. 96.

Thust, H., K.H. Drüe, J. Müller, T. Thelemann, T. Tuschick, J. Chilo, C. Golovanov and F. Ndagijimana
"Coupling Behavior between Transmission Lines with Meshed Ground Planes in LTCC-MCMs," No. 11, p. 70.

Wills, David
"A Control System for a Feedforward Amplifier," No. 4, p. 22.

Wright, Helen
"Useful Filtering Techniques to Save Scarce Spectrum in Communications Systems,"
No. 11, p. 98.

Zhang Yang and Yongsheng Peng
"Design and Analysis of Noiseless Feedback Amplifiers Using S Parameters," No. 2, p. 112.

Zhou, Jianyi, Xiaowei Zhu and Wei Hong
"A Simple Method to Design Phase-locked LOs for CDMA Mobile Communication Systems Using CAD Tools," No. 7, p. 88.

Zuta, Marc
"A New PLL with Fast Settling Time and Low Phase Noise," No. 6, p. 94.


Bardi, Istvan and Zoltan Cendes
"New Directions in HFSS for Designing Microwave Devices," No. 8, p. 22.

Harbater, Zelman M.
"A Mathematical Model for Y-junction Circulator Design," No. 11, p. 58.

Marino, Ronald A.
"Accurate and Efficient Modeling of Meander-line Polarizers," No. 11, p. 22.

Morton, Chris G. and Chris M. Snowden
"MESFET and HEMT Design Using Fast Physical Device Simulation," No. 9, p. 94.

Saffian, Mark
"A CDMA LNA Design Using CAD Techniques," No. 5, p. 324.

Veidt, Bruce
"Selecting 3-D Electromagnetic Software," No. 9, p. 126.


Chang, Ik-soo, Chang-bok Lee and In-ho Kang
"S-parameter Measurements Using an I/Q Demodulator," No. 11, p. 80.

Dunleavy, Lawrence P., Thomas M. Weller, Paul G. Flikkema, Horace C. Gordon, Jr. and Rudolph E. Henning
"A Versatile Test Bench for Wireless RF/Microwave Component Characterization," No. 5, p. 304.

Gibson, Joan
"New Capabilities for Enhancing mm-wave Network Measurements," No. 8, p. 86.

Grace, Martin I.
"Negative-resistance Device Measurements," No. 3, p. 126.

Griffith, Michael and Hall T. Martin
"Automating RF Test Applications," No. 10, p. 140.

Jose, K.A., Vasundara V. Varadan and Vijay K. Varadan
"Free-space vs. One-horn Interferometer Techniques for Radar Absorber Measurements," No. 9, p. 148.

Marino, Ronald A.
"Application of the Fourier Transform in Antenna Pattern Measurements," No. 10, p. 122.

Rudy, Donald A., Joseph P. Mendelsohn and Philip J. Muniz
"Measurement of RF Dielectric Properties with Series Resonant Microstrip Elements," No. 3, p. 22.

Slovick, Mark
"Measuring ACPR in CDMA Amplifiers," No. 12, p. 74.

Kobayashi, Kevin W.
"An AlGaAs/GaAs HBT PA-LNA Transceiver MMIC Chip for 1.9 GHz PHS Digital Cordless Telephones," No. 1, p. 94.

Light, David, Anthony Faraci and Joe Fjelstad
"Chip-size Package Technology for Semiconductors," No. 5, p. 280.

Sporkmann, Thomas
"The Current State of the Art in Coplanar MMICs," No. 8, p. 60.

Bundy, Scott C.
"Noise Figure, Antenna Temperature and Sensitivity Level for Wireless Communication Receivers," No. 3, p. 108.

Clancy, Dominic and Evert van Veldhuizen
"Designing High Speed Paging Systems," No. 5, p. 314.

Engelson, Morris and Len Garrett
"The Pulse Desensitization Factor," No. 3, p. 118.

MacCluer, C.R. and Jeffrey Pawlan
"RF and LO Noise Interaction During Downconversion," No. 7, p. 134.


Bashore, Frank
"A Review of the 1997 Wireless Workshop," No. 1, p. 128.

Berridge, Lucy, Stephen Stones, Peter Kingsland, Tania Harvey and Ross Parsons
"The Wireless Decade: A European Survey," No. 9, p. 64.

Braun, Alexander E.
"Oh, the Way We Were!" No. 7, p. 22.

Brown, E.R. and J.F. Harvey
"Research Focus on Quasi-optical Technology," No. 9, p. 22.

Danehy, Kevin and Mark Wolf
"mm-wave Microelectronics Manufacturing," No. 9, p. 138.

del Castillo, Manuel and Henry Valenzuela
"The Role of Microwave Technologies in the Wireless Revolution," No. 9, p. 90.

Edwards, Terry
"Countdown to the Microwave Millennium," No. 6, p. 70.

Ferraro, Ellen and Drew Ganter
"Cold War to Counter Drug," No. 3, p. 82.

Friday, Dennis
"Microwave Technology: Directions and Measurement Requirements for the 21st Century," No. 6, p. 110.

Kovach, Karl L. and Karen L. Van Dyke
"GPS in 10 Years," No. 2, p. 22.

Mickanin, Wes
"Don’t Rule Out the MESFET!" No. 7, p. 112.

Shankar, Bhawani
"European Pacts to Challenge US Dominance," No. 6, p. 90.

Zehle, Stefan
"Trends in Mobile Telephony Services Tariffing," No. 9, p. 78.

American Technical Ceramics
"Surface-mount NPO Capacitors with Ultra-high Self-resonant Frequencies," No. 6, p. 126.

"A 900 MHz, Single-supply GaAs Power Amplifier IC," No. 4, p. 150.

Analog Devices Inc.
"A Low Cost Logarithmic Amplifier," No. 4, p. 146.

Anaren Microwave Inc.
"An IFM Receiver on a Single PCB," No. 1, p. 220.

Anaren Microwave Inc.
"A Digital Quadrature IF Mixer," No. 9, p. 182.

Anritsu Co., Microwave Measurements Division
"140 GHz Extender Modules for Vector Network Analyzers," No. 11, p. 148.

Applied Wave Research Inc.
"A New Suite of RF/Microwave Design Tools," No. 6, p. 122.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc.
"An IS-95 16-channel CDMA Source for Power Amplifier Testing," No. 12, p. 110.

CommQuest, an IBM company
"A SiGe Wireless Chipset," No. 12, p. 114.

Communication Solutions Inc.
"A Flexible Upconverter/Signal Generator to Support Communication and Radar Systems," No. 10, p. 184.

COMSAT RSI, Anghel Laboratories
"A Digitally Compensted Phase Shifter," No. 10, p. 174.

Datum Inc.
"An RF Distribution Amplifier," No. 4, p. 136.

Dielectric Laboratories Inc.
"A DC to 40 GHz Ceramic MMIC Package," No. 2, p. 150.

Dow-Key Microwave Corp.
"A Multiposition Backup Switch," No. 7, p. 170.

DuPont Microcircuit Materials, The DuPont Co.
"A New Low Loss Lead-free LTCC System for Wireless and RF Applications," No. 12, p. 104.

Eagleware Corp.
"Integrated Software for Electromagnetic Simulation," No. 11, p. 136.

EiC Corp.
"A 1 W, 900 MHz HBT Power Amplifier," No. 9, p. 206.

Elanix Inc.
"System Design, Simulation and Analysis Software," No. 3, p. 136.

Ericsson Components, RF Power Products
"60 and 120 W 2 GHz LDMOS FETs," No. 9, p. 188.

Focus Microwaves Inc.
"An Affordable Harmonic Load Pull Setup," No. 10, p. 180.

HP Eesof
"An Active Physical Device Simulator," No. 5, p. 342.

IFR Americas Inc.
"A Portable 9 kHz to 2.7 GHz Spectrum Analyzer," No. 11, p. 142.

Infolytica Corp.
"A PC-based High Frequency Electromagnetic Structure Simulator," No. 3, p. 148.

K&L Microwave Inc.
"A Dual-band AMPS/PCS Duplexer," No. 5, p. 344.

KDI/triangle Corp.
"A Plastic Package for Custom Circuits," No. 10, p. 190.

Linearizer Technology Inc.
"A Ka-band Linearizer for TWTAs," No. 7, p. 164.

Micro-Precision Technologies Inc.
"Low Cost, Surface-mount RF Amplifiers for PCS Base Station Use," No. 7, p. 174.

MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc.
"An OCXO with Rubidium Oscillator Performance," No. 4, p. 140.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
"An Ultra-thin Silicon Technology That Provides Integration Solutions on Standard CMOS," No. 1, p. 198.

Philips Semiconductors
"RF Wideband Silicon MMICs," No. 2, p. 140.

Philsar Electronics Inc.
"An Integrated GPS Receiver RF Front End," No. 2, p. 146.

Programmed Test Sources Inc.
"A Phase-coherent Frequency Synthesizer for Radar Applications," No. 9, p. 174.

"A 2 GHz Hand-held RF Field Strength Analyzer," No. 3, p. 152.

"CDMA RFIC Upconverters," No. 5, p. 348.

Quartzlock UK Ltd.
"GPS Frequency and Time Standards," No. 3, p. 142.

Radiall Inc.
"High Reliability Coaxial Microwave Switches," No. 9, p. 192.

Raytheon Microelectronics
"A 5 W MMIC Driver Amplifier for PCS Base Stations," No. 6, p. 130.

Signal Technology Corp.
"A Digital Phase Detection Subsystem," No. 8, p. 104.

SiRF Technology Inc.
"A GPS Chipset with Low Power Consumption," No. 1, p. 236.

Structural Research & Analysis Corp.
"A Three-dimensional EM Field Solver for High Frequency Applications," No. 5, p. 350.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division
"A High Performance, Economical RF/Microwave Substrate," No. 9, p. 198.

Technical Research and Manufacturing Inc.
"A 2.2 to 2.4 GHz Dual 8 ¥ 2 Switch Matrix," No. 5, p. 352.

Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc.
"Gaussian Noise Calibration Standards," No. 8, p. 100.

Teledyne Relays
"Ultraminiature, High Reliability RF Bypass Relays," No. 1, p. 226.

Anderson, Gale and Meredith Lawrie
"Experience Star-spangled Baltimore," No. 5, p. 50.

Baltimore Convention Center Floor Plan
No. 5, p. 170.

Bashore, Frank
"The 1998 MTT-S IMS: Another Record-breaking Event," No. 8, p. 76.

Microwaves, Baltimore Style
No. 5, p. 36.

Stitzer, Steven and Roger Kaul
"Progress through Microwaves," No. 5, p. 26.

1998 Exhibition Guide
No. 5, p. 74.

1998 IMS Exhibitors
No. 5, p. 164.

1998 Technical Program
No. 5, p. 174.


Bushie, John
"Multilayer Bonding and Fabrication Guidelines," No. 5, p. 340.

Cherradi, A., S. Marinel, Z. Lakhdari, G. Desgardin, J. Provost and B. Raveau
"A Symmetric Cavity That Saves Energy during Microwave Processing of Materials," No. 2, p. 84.

Kobayashi, K.W., A.K. Oki, A. Gutierrez-Aitken, J. Cowles, L.T. Tran, T.R. Block and D.C. Streit
"InP-based HBT Technology for Next-generation Lightwave Communications," No. 6, p. 22.

Collins, Gerald W.
"Wireless Wave Propagation," No. 7, p. 78.

Van Brunt, Rob
"Third-generation Wireless Test Equipment Requirements," No. 10, p. 80.

Weisgarber, Patrick
"How to Evaluate a Multipath Fading Emulator," No. 10, p. 64.


Ballo, David
"Applying Error Correction to Network Analyzer Measurements," No. 3, p. 64.

Schiebold, Cris
"Getting Back to the Basics of Oscillator Design," No. 5, p. 336.

Scoughton, Troy E.
"Antenna Basics," No. 1, p. 186.

1998 Wireless/Portable by Design

Exhibition Showcase
No. 1, p. 132.

1998 Wireless/Portable by Design Exhibitor List
No. 1, p. 154.

1998 Wireless Symposium/Portable by Design Show Guide
No. 1, p. 148.