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Rogers Corp. to have significant presence at European Microwave Week 2015

August 27, 2015

Rogers Corp. will be a major participant in the conference and product exhibition segments of Europe’s largest trade show devoted to RF/microwave technology and applications-- European Microwave Week 2015 (EuMW 2015). Scheduled for September 6-11, 2015 at the Palais des Congres, Paris, France, EuMW 2015 includes the 45th European Microwave Conference, the 10th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC 2015), the 12th European Radar Conference (EuRAD 2015) and a large exhibition floor.

Rogers at Booth 263

Rogers Advanced Connectivity Solutions representatives will be available at EuMW 2015 Exhibition Booth 263 Sept. 8-10 to greet visitors and assist with advice and design information concerning Rogers’ high-performance printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials, including RO3003™ laminates. RO3003 laminates have tightly controlled dielectric constant (3.04+/-0.04 at 10 GHZ) and very stable dielectric constant performance over temperature (-3 ppm/°C from -50° to 150°C). The RO3003 PTFE-ceramic composite resin system enables very low dielectric loss (0.0010 at 10 GHZ), and laminates can be purchased with rolled copper to further enhance PCB insertion loss performance.  Due to its excellent electrical properties, RO3003 laminates are often chosen for millimeter wave applications such as 77 to 79 GHZ automotive radar sensors and 60GHz point to point backhaul applications. 

Rogers + Arlon®

Visitors to the exhibition booth can also learn about the recent acquisition of material supplier Arlon LLC. The Arlon business is well established as a top supplier of high-frequency circuit materials and engineered silicone materials and is an excellent strategic fit with Rogers Corporation’s PCB materials and high-performance elastomers. The acquisition adds to the materials diversification and expertise at Rogers and benefits customers with a significantly expanded choice in high-performance materials.

Rogers’ John Coonrod to Present at Tech Conference & MicroApps

John Coonrod, technical marketing manager at Rogers Advanced Connectivity Solutions & author of the popular ROG Blog series will make one presentation during the Microwave Conference and three MicroApps presentations on the exhibition floor. The conference presentation, scheduled for 8:30-8:50 AM on Wednesday, September 9, will be of interest to designers and users of high-frequency filters and PCB material specifiers: “Applied Methodology for Harmonic Suppression of Microstrip Edge Coupled Bandpass Filters Using Composite Circuit Materials.”

Coonrod will also deliver three different MicroApps presentations during EuMW 2015:

  • “Composite Circuit Materials Used to Suppress Harmonic Modes in Microstrip Edge Coupled Filters” (Tuesday, September 8, 13:00)
  • “Microwave PCB Structure Selection: Microstrip Versus Grounded Coplanar Waveguide” (Wednesday, September 9, 14:30)
  • “PCB Fabrication Influences on Microwave Performance” (Thursday, September 10, 15:30)

Rogers Corp. is a Founding Member of RF Energy Alliance

The RF Energy Alliance (RFEA) is standardizing, promoting and educating audiences in solid-state RF energy—a clean, highly efficient and controllable heat and power source. Members envision a fast-growing, innovative marketplace built around this sustainable technology, contributing to quality of life across many applications. As a founding member, Rogers Corp. will host RFEA’s Dr. Klaus Werner as he presents the state of the Alliance at 11:30 on Wednesday, September 9, and at 11:30 on Thursday, September 10 at booth 263. For additional presentation times, please visit www.rfenergy.org

For more information, visit www.rogerscorp.com.