Microwave Journal

Low Noise Amplifiers

May 27, 2015

low noise amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers

Our range of low noise amplifiers (LNAs) cover a wide range of applications but are primarily suited to communication systems including both data-link and satellite communications (Satcom) systems. In recent years, LNA's have moved more and more into TMS's sweet spot, primarily due to the increase in operating frequency. For example, our new K-Band LNA operates over a 19.2 to 21.2 GHz with 1.3 dB noise figure at 25°C. It's configured with a waveguide input and 2.92 output connector all in a hermetic package.

Key Features

  • Frequency: 1KHz to 100GHz
  • Bandwidths: Narrow Band to Multi Octave
  • Noise Figure: 0.3dB to 1.3dB (See Plot)
  • Configuration/Packaging: SM, Leaded, Connetorized, Waveguide
  • Platforms: Ground, Airborne, Marine, Space
  • Applications: Military, Commercial, Satcom, Comms, Test & Measurement
  • Export Classifications: EAR99