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CST offers CST EMC STUDIO university seats

March 26, 2015

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces educational seats for CST EMC STUDIO, a simulation tool for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis, at the 2015 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity.

EMC is an important consideration in a wide range of applications, and an increasing number of universities have set up courses and research groups for its study. CST develops electromagnetic simulation solutions that are widely used in academia, research and industry, and has long supported universities through discounted licenses and co-operation programs. In order to provide the EMC engineers of the future with the tools and experience they need, CST is now expanding this program to include university seats for its latest product, CST EMC STUDIO.

CST EMC STUDIO contains a toolkit of proven solver technology for the study of EMC effects, with general purpose 3D modules for time and frequency domain simulation alongside more specialized solvers. In particular, it includes the 3D transmission line matrix (TLM) method solver, which implements technology that simplifies numerical EMC analysis, such as compact models and octree meshing. The bidirectional cable/field simulation enables more realistic modeling of noise propagation and radiation over cables. True transient EM/circuit helps analyze the effect of nonlinear circuitry on EMC performance. For analyzing printed electronics, the powerful import functionality and the rule checker are useful.

Among the topics which CST EMC STUDIO can be used to help teach and study are electrostatic discharge (ESD), radiated and conducted emissions, EMC performance of printed electronics, and susceptibility to environmental electromagnetic effects (E3) such as lightning strikes, high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF) and electromagnetic pulses (EMP).

“EMC is an increasingly important topic in electrical and electronic engineering, and needs to be firmly established in the university curriculum,” said Dr. Andreas Barchanski, market development manager for EMC, CST. “We know that the technology of the future will be developed by the students of today, and so we have long cultivated our relationships with universities. The CST EMC STUDIO seats will allow us to further support our academic partners.”

CST EMC STUDIO is now available. Please contact your local sales representative for further information or visit https://www.cst.com