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Keysight demos channel sounding measurement for 5G at Mobile World Congress

March 4, 2015

Keysight Technologies, Inc. affirmed its technology leadership in 5G wireless research with their  mmWave channel-sounding measurement demonstration at Mobile World Congress. Channel sounding for the mmWave frequency band is one of the critical steps required to enable 5G data rates, spectrum flexibility and ultra-broad bandwidth.

5G, the next generation of wireless communications, is expected to introduce a number of enhancements and new technologies enabling data rates of greater than 1 Gbps, making the Internet completely mobile. To achieve higher data rates, a new air interface standard for mmWave bands is being developed using mathematical models for channel performance. Developers can use Keysight's channel sounding measurement solution to create channel performance models. They can then use those models with its industry-leading SystemVue system level design and simulation software for 5G air-interface development and validation.

"As a recognized leader and provider of world-class wireless technology solutions, Keysight, in collaboration with key customers, has played a pivotal role in 5G wireless research," said Keysight's Mario Narduzzi, marketing manager, Software and Modular Solutions Division. "Our channel sounding measurement solution reaffirms our commitment to actively lead the evolution of 4G to 5G technology."

Keysight's channel sounding solution enables:

  • Generation of up to 2 GHz wide stimulus signals at mmWave frequencies
  • Transmission of signal-to-antenna array for multi-channel measurements
  • Capture of transmitted and reflected mmWave sounding signals for extraction of selected channel characteristics
  • Real time measurements using open FPGAs for long, continuous data acquisitions
  • 3D channel measurements for highly directional antennas

Keysight's innovative hardware and software provide the cutting edge capabilities required for 5G research. Its M8190A arbitrary waveform generator provides the highest sample rate and resolution in the industry. Keysight's PSG vector signal generator provides the industry's widest I/Q modulation capability. Its downconversion and signal conditioning modules provide a scalable configuration for wideband signal capture and analysis, with the accuracy required for 5G research. Using Keysight's unique SystemVue 5G Baseband Exploration Library, engineers can extract and simulate realistic channel models.

Keysight's Channel Sounding Measurement Solution is now available. The solution is based on specific test system requirements. Contact Keysight at www.keysight.com/find/contactus for more information.