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Coilcraft's new high-efficiency thru hole power inductors are cost-effective option

February 27, 2015

Coilcraft’s new RFC family of leaded power inductors offer a low-cost, high-efficiency option for power supply applications. They are offered in three performance levels: the RFC0807 Series, the RFC0810 Series and the RFC1010 Series.

The RFC0807 Series is available with 39 inductance values ranging from 12 µH to 18 mH, with saturation current (Isat) ratings up to 6.65 Amps and DC resistance (DCR) as low as 0.035 ohms. They have a maximum diameter of 8.8 mm and height of 7.5 mm.

The RFC0810 Series is offered in 34 inductance values between 33 µH and 18 mH, with Isat ratings as high as 4.25 Amps and DCR down to 0.065 ohms. They have a maximum diameter of 9.5 mm and height of 11.5 mm.

For even greater efficiency, Coilcraft also offers the RFC1010 Series. It is offered in 30 inductance values from 68 µH to 18 mH, with Isat ratings up to 3.94 Amps and DCR as low as 0.100 ohms. They have a maximum diameter of 11.0 mm and height of 11.5

All RFC Family power inductors are halogen free and feature RoHS-compliant terminations. The RFC0810 and RFC1010 also feature a flame-retardant polyolefin wrap to protect the winding.

Pricing starts at $0.24 each in 1,000 piece quantities. As with all Coilcraft parts, free evaluation samples are available online at www.coilcraft.com. Parts are available from stock and can be ordered online at buy.coilcraft.com or by calling Coilcraft sales.

For more information, contact Len Crane, +1-847-639-6400, lcrane@coilcraft.com.