Microwave Journal

ADI’s 8-channel combination chip unlocks new levels of design freedom

February 24, 2015

Analog Devices Inc. introduced a 12-bit, 8-channel ADC/DAC/GPIO combination chip which is user-configurable in any functional combination. The AD5592R ADC/DAC/GPIO combination device includes a 400-Ksps ADC (analog-to-digital converter), 6-μsec settling time DAC (digital-to-analog converter), digital inputs/outputs, and a reference on a single chip. The new device can be user-configured in any combination of up to eight devices, allowing designers to use a single IC to complete multiple system monitoring and control functions. The combination of on-chip features allows system designers to reduce bill of materials costs and increase design portability and reuse with only minor software changes.

The single-chip AD5592R saves up to 85 percent of the space required by discrete implementations by using a small 2-mm × 2-mm WLCSP package. The small package suits the device for high-density and space-constrained applications such as wired and wireless communications, building control or any general monitoring or control application where size and design flexibility are key requirements. The new device not only simplifies system architectures but enables greater system functionality because of the ability to add extra control and monitoring capabilities within a single part.

AD5592R Features

  • Safe power-up functionality prevents conflict with external circuitry if set up incorrectly
  • Digital Temperature Indictor/Alert signals fault condition and allows system shutdown
  • 2.5 V, 25 ppm/°C internal reference
  • −40°C to +105°C operating temperature range