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LPKF releases new model in Fusion3D series

November 25, 2014

The new LPKF Fusion3D 1200 laser structuring system features a rotary indexing table and a vision system. Its flexibility allows for small, medium, and large scale production of MIDs.

The latest model in the Fusion3D series extends LPKF’s family of high-performance laser systems for laser direct structuring (LDS) once again. For this technology, a laser system applies conductor structures to three-dimensional plastic parts. Metal tracks then form on these structures. The technology developed by LPKF enables economical as well as space- and weight-saving production of injection-molded MIDs.

The LPKF Fusion3D 1200 was designed as a flexible variation to accommodate various production volumes. Thanks to its modular structure, the laser system can be equipped with up to three laser heads to shorten cycle times.

Through the integrated, highly dynamic rotary indexing table, a part can be laser structured while another part is simultaneously being loaded – resulting in a considerable increase in productive time. Height monitoring of the working surface ensures that the part remains in focus and no production defects occur. Each half of the table offers separate I/O ports and vacuum and compressed air as well. An actively monitored photoelectric sensor provides maximum protection against intervention – when the monitored region is unobstructed, parts can start being supplied without delay.

With its laser machining units and the high-quality rotary indexing table, which can optionally be supplemented with a vision system and individual rotating devices, the system can be adapted precisely to the customer’s layout and performance requirements. Each table half can be set up for a separate project.
Users also benefit from the powerful CircuitPro 3D software included with the system. The software features intuitive user operation, fast calculation routines, and sophisticated functions for optimizing structuring processes.

The high-quality components and maintenance-friendly construction of the Fusion3D laser system ensure maximum machine availability as well as the perfect conditions for economically producing small, medium, and large quantities of parts.