Microwave Journal

New Products: Software

May 1, 1998


FPGA Programmer
The Silicon Sculptor PC-based field-programmable gate array (FPGA) programmer is designed for programming the company’s devices from a desktop PC rather than in a lab. A single adapter module can be used to program all devices within a package type, regardless of pin count. In addition, up to four units can concurrently program up to four devices from the same PC by connecting an expansion cable. The unit obtains the fuse file from the company’s Designer Series software and uses the file to program the device. The company’s optional Silicon Explorer diagnostic debugging tool kit supports functional and timing verification of every internal signal. Price: $1695 each (for use with DOS environments).
Actel Corp.,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 739-1010.

RF/Microwave Characterization, Modeling and Design Software
The NeuroModeler software for RF and microwave characterization, modeling and design offers complete RF and microwave orientation. It develops neural models for RF/microwave components and circuits, and helps to provide neural models for simulators. The software features model creation and editing, data processing, training, testing of the neural model and export of the trained model to the user environment.
Carleton University, Department of Electronics,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(613) 520-5778.

CDMA/PCS Library
This CDMA/personal communications service (PCS) library for cellular communications systems allows engineers to design, simulate and test end-to-end CDMA or PCS communications systems. The library is used with the company’s SystemView design software to design, simulate and test communications, digital signal processing and RF/analog systems. The library supports rate sets 1 and 2 as defined in the IS-95-A, IS-97-A, IS-98-A and J-STD-008 specifications. Provisions have been made in the models to include timing and phase offsets between various channels. The library features all of the baseband models required to implement both the forward and reverse links. The CDMA/PCS library is available now on Windows NT and ’95 platforms. Price: starts at $1450.
Elanix Inc.,
Westlake Village, CA
(818) 597-1414.

Application Development Platform
The MATLAB version 5.2 application development platform is designed for analyzing data, building models, prototyping solutions and developing custom end-user software. It is compatible with the company’s MATLAB compiler and C/C++ math libraries to enable users to develop large-scale applications in MATLAB while preserving their existing investments in programs written in C and C++. Enhancements to version 5.2 and compatible products include application development tools such as ActiveX support and new features for developing graphical user interfaces for MATLAB programs. New features for supporting visualization (such as an HDF data file interface and OpenGL graphics rendering) also are included. Currently, the software is available on Windows ’95 and NT, UNIX and Macintosh platforms. Price: starts at $1795.
The MathWorks Inc.,
Natick, MA
(508) 647-7000.

Circuit-level Simulation System
The T-Spice Pro IC design capture and simulation system for Windows ’95/NT includes the S-Edit schematic editor, T-Spice circuit simulator and W-Edit waveform viewer. The new release includes improvements in user interface, integration, and simulation and modeling technology. The S-Edit tool has been overhauled to add many new Windows ’95/NT user-interface improvements and include a simulation interface and more flexible design export capabilities. A new browser provides quick access to cell library components. S-Edit is well integrated with the T-Spice circuit simulator and W-Edit waveform viewer. New design export features include support for parametric subcircuits, control of subcircuit pin orders and output in EDIF 2 0 0 and VHDL formats. The T-Spice circuit simulator contains Berkeley’s model BSIM3v3.1 MOSFET. New MESFET models also have been added for GaAs IC support. Additions to W-Edit improve the power and flexibility for graphically viewing simulation output data. Price: $3495.
Tanner Research Inc., Tanner EDA Division,
Pasadena, CA
(626) 792-3000.