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RFS announces new RF X-TREME base station antennas


October 29, 2014

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced the availability of new RF X-TREME™FWW series base station antennas designed for high frequency spectrum bands up to 2360 MHz.  These high-performance antennas support multiple bands, including LTE 700, CDMA 850, PCS 1900 and AWS 2100 with no compromises in electrical performance.

The new RF X-TREME FWW base station antennas are only 12 inches wide and available in 4ft, 6ft or 8ft heights, maintaining the size of a dual band antenna while adding a third antenna path with no compromise in RF performance. The design provides the highest gain and cross polar discrimination combined with the best vertical pattern control of any triple band antenna of its size. It is an ideal choice for site upgrades and new deployments where three frequency bands, or MIMO/4 RX diversity, are used. 4xRX diversity is currently being used in LTE network designs by top North American operators with an Rx signal improvement of 3-5dB.

RF X-TREMEFWW antennasare built to last in tower top environments and provide a high degree of reliability when used for 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE technologies. This multi-band antenna features superior pattern symmetry and a one-phase shifter per radiating element provides exceptional patterns at all tilt settings. It is quick and easy to install – reducing installation time and costs - and is supplied with two integrated 0.5m AISG jumpers.

Additional features include:

  • Superior X-Pol discrimination for improved Rx diversity
  • High suppression of upper sidelobes for reduced cell interference
  • Variable electrical downtilt providing enhanced precision in controlling intercell interference

The RF X-TREME's low-weight design minimizes tower loading. Its enhanced tilt range from 0-8 degrees for 698-894MHz and 0-10 degrees for 1710- 2360MHz makes it an ideal solution for applications in dense areas. All RF X-TREME products are 100% tested for PIM, isolation and VSWR prior to shipment for high call quality and a reduced number of dropped calls.

In addition to the FWW series, RFS will also be debuting its APXVFxx- and APXVFxxS seriesof dual polarized antennas at the Canadian Wireless Tradeshow this week in Toronto. These antennas are ideally-suited for LTE700, LTE800 (Digital Dividend) and CDMA networks where high gain is required.

“RFS is continuing to enhance our product portfolio to best support the evolving needs of North American operators,” said Tom Nowik, area product manager, Radio Frequency Systems. “We recognize the growing importance of the 700 MHz spectrum for public safety communications and are pleased that our latest antenna offerings will allow our customers to achieve the best gains yet in this and other high frequency bands.”