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MOI For USB 2.0

October 10, 2014

USB 2.0 Cable-Connector Assembly Compliance Test SolutionKeysight Technologies Inc. announced the availability of its Method of Implementation (MOI) document for USB 2.0 connector and cable assembly compliance testing using the ENA Series network analyzer’s enhanced time domain analysis option (E5071C-TDR).

Developed in the mid-1990s, the USB standard features a number of variants including SuperSpeed USB, also known as USB 3.0, which supports a 5 Gbps transfer rate and offers up to a 10 times performance increase over its predecessor USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed USB). While USB 3.0 has been widely adopted, USB 2.0 remains popular for car navigation systems and other applications where a 480 Mbps or less transfer rate is just enough. Here, cable assemblies are considered captive if they are provided with a vendor-specific connect means (hardwired or custom detachable) to the peripheral. To ensure all such connectors and cable assemblies comply with the USB 2.0 standard, they must be tested in accordance with the specification.

While Keysight already offers a MOI for USB 3.0 connector and cable assembly compliance tests, support for USB 2.0 has now been added to the mix. The result is a complete USB solution that provides engineers with a measurement guide of procedures that supports compliance testing to both the USB 2.0 and 3.0 standards. Using the MOI, state files and calibration kit files, cable and connector manufacturers and product integrators can now more efficiently perform compliance tests to the USB standard with the E5071C-TDR.

“Keysight’s MOIs cover a range of diverse high-speed digital applications like HDMI and high-speed Ethernet,” said Akira Nukiyama, vice president and general manager, Keysight’s Component Test Division. “The addition of USB 2.0 support further expands this list and reinforces our commitment to ensuring customers have the tools they need to address any high-speed measurement challenges that might arise.”

The USB MOI for use with the E5071C-TDR is available at www.keysight.com/find/ena-tdr_compliance. Additional information on MOI for connector and cable assembly compliance test is available at www.keysight.com/find/ena-tdr_USB2-cabcon.

About ENA Option TDR

The E5071C ENA-TDR is an application embedded in the ENA network analyzer that provides a one-box solution for high-speed serial interconnect analysis. The software delivers three breakthroughs for signal integrity design and verification: simple and intuitive operation, fast and accurate measurements simultaneously in the time domain (TDR/TDT) and frequency domain (S-parameter), and ESD robustness for reduction of maintenance cost.