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Catalog Update

October 14, 2014

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EMC & RF Testing Catalog

AR has completed another revision of their sought-after full line product catalog. Many new products have been included and various sections were updated to provide you with the information required to make your equipment research more in-depth. The catalog is easy to use, with "find-it-fast" charts and color coding to help get right to whatever you need for RF & EMC testing. Please contact your local AR sales associate for a hard copy or visit AR’s website for a free download, either in full or by section.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

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Oscillators Brochure

Fox’s latest brochure now provides data on the new ultra precision oscillators, including typical phase noise, jitter and a model description selection guide. The guide helps users determine the model number appropriate for their application by choosing between available options for output, package size, voltage as well as stabilities, operating temperature range and frequency. The end result is a semi-custom oscillator optimized to the user’s specifications without trade-offs. The literature also features a comparison of XpressO-ULTRA and the original XpressO oscillator performance to help determine which product family is most appropriate for the customer’s application.
Fox Electronics

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LTE and LTE-Advanced Poster

Keysight’s new “Understanding the Intricacies of LTE and LTE-Advanced” poster provides insight into the latest 3GPP LTE standards and test measurement information for engineers developing products with LTE and LTE-Advanced. Information is provided on the major features of both LTE and LTE-A as well as FDD and TDD frame structures, and a comparison of OFDMA and SC-FDMA. For the new Keysight LTE/LTE-Advanced Poster, visit www.Keysight.com/find/LTE-Insight.
Keysight Technologies Inc.

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Low PIM Components Catalog

MECA’s new 12-page catalog features an extensive line of low PIM RF/microwave components with industry leading performance including RF loads, attenuators, directional couplers, power splitters, divider/tappers, adapters, jumpers and D.A.S. equipment. MECA’s low PIM loads are considered a benchmark for the industry and are currently the only terminations capable of handling full rated power at 85° C. Visit http://www.e-meca.com/pdfs/MECA_catalogo-2014.pdf to download your copy. 
MECA Electronics Inc.

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SATCOM Product Guide

Mini-Circuits has released a new SATCOM product guide in print and for download from their website. This 32-page guide features a full survey of components and assemblies for satellite and earth station systems. With selected products from over 20 different product types to 40 GHz, the guide provides key performance parameters for each product and serves as a handy reference for engineers evaluating parts for their design needs.

Figure 9

Test & Measurement Catalog

The 2013/14 Rohde & Schwarz test & measurement catalog is over 200 pages of information about Rohde & Schwarz test & measurement instruments, systems and software. It includes a short description and photos of each product, important specifications and ordering information. You can download this catalog as a pdf from the Rohde & Schwarz website or email customer support at customersupport@rohde-schwarz.com (use order number: PD 5213.7590.42).
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG