Microwave Journal

Zirconia Nozzle

July 22, 2014

Zirconia NozzleWith over 5 times the hardness of common stainless steel materials, Zirconia tipped nozzles offer exceptional durability. This reduces nozzle wear and replacement frequency.


  • High hardness; Excellent durability
  • Reduced tip damage due to accidental touch-down.
  • 10 μm tip sizes available
  • This versatile dispensing nozzle is manufactured with our unique injection molding process to work with a wide range of high and low viscosity materials with unparalleled accuracy and durability.
  • Perfect Alignment: A “jointless” manufacturing process eliminates accumulation of material between the body and the zirconia tip.
  • Polished nozzle Tip: The nozzle tip is polished to avoid material accumulation caused by differences in surface tension between the nozzle tip and dispensing material.

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