Microwave Journal

Accel-RF Instruments Corp. to exhibit at ESREF in Berlin, Germany

September 19, 2014

Accel-RF Instruments Corp., the worldwide leader in turn-key reliability and performance characterization test Systems for compound semiconductors, announces its participation in the upcoming ESREF Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. The ESREF conference will take place September 29 through October 2 at the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB).

At the show, Accel-RF will showcase its new Power Switching Dynamic Test Systemfor device reliability and performance characterization, and its Automated Multi-Channel RF-Biased Burn-in Test System for accelerated aging and parametric testing of RF semiconductor devices. The system architecture for thesetwo new products is derived from the highly developed and field-proven measurement platform product, AARTS. Accel-RF has supplied AARTS equipment to top-tier manufactures worldwide for over 12 years.The addition of the Power Switching and Burn-in Systems solidifies Accel-RF’s product offering as the most comprehensive test platform in the marketplace.

“ESREF continues to be a premier venue for dissemination of wide-bandgap device reliability issues, especially for applications in the power electronics market,” explains Roland Shaw, president of Accel-RF. “Our commitment to the European community’s development of GaN and SiC for RF power applications has been a significant part of our focus for the past 7 years. We are expanding our efforts in this technology as the European community rapidly advances these technologies to high-voltage (HV) power device applications. Our new HV dynamic-switching automated accelerated life-test system enables researchers and device engineers to demonstrate real-world reliability performance and accelerate degradation for meaningful failure analysis,” explains Shaw.

Updates and specific activities planned during the ESREF conference will be posted on the AccelRF.com website as additional information becomes available.