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Agile Microwave announces new line of linear broadband power amplifiers

August 19, 2014

Agile Microwave Technology Inc., a product innovator in RF and Microwave component and sub-system market is pleased to announce the first of a series of Broadband Power amplifiers with >50W P1 dB minimum power over the full frequency range. The AMT-A0119 performance is achieved through the use of AMTI’s proprietary technology. The amplifier I/O’s are Internally matched to 50 Ohms and DC blocked.

The AMT-A0119 is ideal for use as an output power amplifier, or driver amplifier in a Hi-Rel communications system for Commercial or Military applications 

  • Test Equipment 
  • Radar
  • Communication systems
  • Microwave Radio systems 

AMT-A0119 Features: 

  • 0.8  to 3.0 GHz Frequency Range - Class AB, High Linearity 
  • Gain 50 dB minimum 55 dB Typical - Gain Flatness < ± 1.2 dB Typical 
  • P1dB + 47 dBm (50W) minimum, typical +48 dBm (63W)
  • OIP3> +58dBm
  • VSWR 1.4:1 typical
  • Internally regulated - operates from a single +30 V supply 
  • Unconditionally Stable - state-of-the-art technology  
  • Click this link for the AMT-A0119 data sheet http://www.agilemwt.com/products/documents/AMT-A0119.pdf

To reach Agile Microwave Technology call Jay Chudasama at 516-931-1760, e-mail to info@agilemwt.com or visit Agile’s web site at http://www.agilemwt.com/index.htmor contact their sales representatives at http://www.agilemwt.com/contact-us.htm