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August 14, 2014

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

Mobile Device App
AR RF/Microwave’s new mobile app is available as a free download from Apple iTunes and Google Play. This application is a quick and easy tool to access various content for AR’s products. Home screen icons give you easy access to basic and full product descriptions, app notes, AR’s literature library, YouTube videos, contact information and social media icons. For more details and to download the app, visit www.arww-rfmicro.com/html/ar-moblie-app.asp.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

AWR Corp

NI AWR Design Environment V11
NI AWR Design Environment™ V11 includes new features, enhancements, and user interface changes to Microwave Office®/Analog Office® circuit design software, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) system design software, AXIEM® 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) software, and Analyst™ 3D finite element method (FEM) EM software. These improvements enable users to spend more time focusing on their design challenges and less time on driving the software. Analyst’s 3D parts library, for example, provides ready-built models for most needs and makes the process of custom model creations faster and more efficient.
AWR Corp.

Cadence Design System Inc

RF Integrated Circuit Simulation Solution
For maximum productivity and RF IC performance, look to Cadence’s Virtuoso® Multi-Mode Simulation. The 13.1 version provides an expansive set of advanced Spectre® RF Simulation technologies, including wireless system performance verification with standard-aware set-up and post-processing, support for the latest wireless standards (LTE-A, 802.11 family and ZigBee), advanced S-parameter simulation with broadband SPICE, automatic oscillator tuning and compression analysis. The tight integration of Spectre RF Simulation into the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment provides a cockpit for the user to easily drive multi-test simulation and perform post-processing of results; enabling robust verification.
Cadence Design System Inc.


CST STUDIO SUITE®, a package of electromagnetic (EM) simulation tools, is used by researchers and engineers to design, model and optimize EM systems. CST tools are used in a variety of applications areas, including devices operating in frequencies from static to optical. Analyses may also include thermal and mechanical effects, as well as circuit simulation. CST STUDIO SUITE® benefits from an integrated design environment which gives users access to the entire range of solver technology.


3D EM Solver EMPIRE XPU 7.0
EMPIRE XPU is a 3D EM solver for modeling antennas, microwave circuits, EM chip design and more. Due to its unique on-the-fly compilation, EMPIRE is highly efficient and extremely fast on plain conventional hardware using optimized algorithms. New features of EMPIRE XPU include a powerful and highly intuitive 3D graphical user interface, a complete new 3D modeling kernel enabling fast import, modeling and meshing of large and complex objects, a near field source and a circuit simulator.

Molex Inc.

Smartphone App
Molex Inc. has expanded access to its free Molex app designed for Apple and Android devices. Providing mobile users with information on over 90 different Molex product families, the Molex app allows tablet and now smartphone users to view product information, search products, view literature and view videos without being online. Featuring enhanced screens with convenient layouts, tablet and smartphone users can explore product options, compare key features, save favorites plus email data, images and links. App users with Internet access can link to the Molex website for detailed product and order information.
Molex Inc.

Nuhertz Technologies

Vendor and Custom Spice Models Available in FilterSolutions
Nuhertz Technologies introduces a new capability in FilterSolutions®, Version 13.6.1. The leading filter circuit synthesis software can now import vendor and custom user spice models; using them as a basis for synthesis and simulation. Spice models can be automatically selected for each synthesized element. Synthesized filters are automatically updated and simulated with the “best fit” spice model at synthesis time for easy viewing. Spice models are included in FilterSolutions exports to circuit simulators such as AWR’s Microwave Office® and CST’s Design Studio®.
Nuhertz Technologies

Reactel Inc.

Filter RFQ
Submitting RFQ’s for filters, multiplexers and multifunction assemblies has never been easier or more convenient with Reactel’s mobile app for Apple and Android devices.  Download Filter RFQ from the App Store or Google Play to get your requirements quickly to engineers.  This full featured app also contains the company’s complete catalog and a growing number of datasheets.  Download today and leave your filter worries behind.
Reactel Inc.

Tech-X Corp.

Tech-X Releases VSim 7
VSim 7 is an electromagnetic time-domain three-dimensional solver with particle and plasma simulation capabilities. It uses a package model to customize the powerful physics engine to meet customers’ needs for electromagnetic, microwave device and plasma simulation capabilities. This release includes VMesh™, a new mesh generator that makes gridding up complex geometry easier and blazingly fast. VSim 7 now supports STEP CAD files in addition to the STL and VTK formats. The VSim for Electromagnetics package has a greatly simplified problem setup and improved external circuit modeling, new analysis and plasma modeling capabilities.
Tech-X Corp.