Microwave Journal

Airbus Defence and Space Analyzes EMC Test Chambers Using CST STUDIO SUITE

July 29, 2014

By incorporating electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool, CST STUDIO SUITE®, into their compliance process, Airbus Defence and Space were able to accurately characterize how their test chamber was affected by a change to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing standard.

Airbus Defence and Space (http://airbusdefenceandspace.com) develops, maintains and operates systems for civilian and military security authorities around the world. Their products are tested in accordance with the recently updated MIL-STD-461 EMC standard, which defines the precise set-up of the testing chamber. The effect of the change to the standard needed to be analyzed in order to ensure that the results of compliance testing remained accurate.

“In order to evaluate the effect of the change in standard and verify the accuracy of virtual prototyping, Airbus Defence and Space turned to CST STUDIO SUITE.”

By supplementing the testing process with EM simulation, Airbus Defence and Space were able to characterize their anechoic chamber and verify that the redesigned test chamber gave more accurate results. Measured and simulated results from the test chamber agreed closely, increasing confidence in both physical and virtual prototyping.

The full success story detailing the analysis of the EMC test chamber can be downloaded at https://www.cst.com/airbus.