Microwave Journal

LPKF introduces seal of approval

July 28, 2014

Effective immediately, users of Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology will receive a seal of approval from the laser specialists LPKF. In doing so, the company aims to further increase the quality of its LDS process and protect end customers from product pirates.

With the Laser Direct Structuring systems patented by LPKF, circuit pathways can be imprinted directly onto three-dimensional plastic components. This saves space and weight, making it particularly suited to the manufacture of components for small mobile end devices such as smartphones.

LPKF has been improving and upgrading this technology for almost 15 years. During this time the company has developed many different versions using various plastic materials, laser parameters and methods for metalizing in order to achieve the high quality level of the tracks and their adhesive stability. Copies made by competitors cannot guarantee this level of quality and infringe on LPKF’s patent rights outside of China.

For LPKF, the seal guarantees that a manufacturer carries out production of LDS components exclusively on an LPKF laser system with plastic materials appropriate for this process. The manufacturer can obtain the certification free of charge and will also receive an annual health check of its laser systems by LPKF, among other benefits.

"We only award the ‘Authorized LDS Manufacturer’ seal of approval to clients who fulfill our high quality standards and who have proven that they carry out production exclusively according to our patented process," declared LPKF board chairman Dr. Ingo Bretthauer.

The seal guarantees a high technological standard and primarily serves to ensure that quality standards are met for end clients. With the certification, manufacturers additionally obtain the right to feature the quality seal ‘Authentic LDS Parts’ on outer packaging. Transparency is also ensured for this quality assurance initiative as the names of the certified partners/technology users are published on the LPKF website.

Bretthauer added: "This will allow all end customers to quickly and easily check if their suppliers are working with high-quality LPKF technology."