Microwave Journal

Phase Noise Analyzer: HA7062C

July 24, 2014

HA7062CThe HA7062 is a fully integrated phase noise analyzer. It utilizes the same core engine from our model HA7402B along with a pair of HSM Series RF synthesizers. The stability of the agile synthesizers operating as LO sources for the high speed, cross correlation core enables an extremely reliable phase noise analyzer.

Measurement accuracy was the primary design goal for the HA7000 series phase noise analyzers. Getting "close to" the real answer doesn't cut it for high performance product testing.

As with prior generations, Holzworth's HA7062C phase noise analyzer is designed to do the job fast and to do it right, without hassle. There is no guess work as to whether results are valid to the DUT or if there are unwanted variations or contributions coming from the measurement system itself.

The addition of RF input bypass ports now allow for higher isolation during additive phase noise measurements for achieving even lower noise floors during residual measurements.