Microwave Journal


February 1, 1998


Coaxial Attenuators
The 50SP series coaxial attenuators provide rugged dependability over the cellular/personal communications service (PCS) frequency range of 800 to 2000 MHz. Units are available within the 0 to 20 dB attenuation range with +/-1.5 dB accuracy from 1000 to 2000 MHz. Maximum SWR is 1.2 below 1000 MHz and 1.4 over 1000 MHz. Fast delivery is available with a choice of BNC, TNC, N, SMA, SMB, SMC or UHF connectors.
Alan Industries Inc.,
Columbus, IN (800) 423-5190.

GaAs IC Digital Attenuator
The model AD 220-25 GaAs IC digital attenuator offers power control at 30 dB (2 dB steps and 4 bits). Repeatablility is +/-0.2 dB +3 percent of the attenuation setting. The unit offers low insertion loss of 1.5 dB (typ) at 900 MHz with a control voltage of 0/–5 V. The attenuator is available in an SOIC-16 leaded SMT package. Price: $4.40 (10,000).
Alpha Industries Inc.,
Woburn, MA (800) 290-7200, ext. 309 or (781) 935-5150, ext. 309.

0.4 dB Loss, Miniature SPDT Switch
The model HMC197 low cost, reflective SPDT switch is available in a six-lead SOT26 package for use in general switching applications that require very low insertion loss and small size. The device controls signals from DC to 3 GHz and is especially suited for 900 MHz, 1.8 to 2.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band applications. Insertion loss is £ 0.5 dB, isolation is 25 dB (which makes the switch suitable for filter and receiver switching) and 1 dB compression point (P1dB) is +27 dBm with an input third-order intercept point (IP3) of +50 dBm. The small six-lead SOT26 footprint is well suited for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) wireless card, cellular handset and micro-/picocell base station applications. Dual-control inputs require voltages of 0/+3 to +8 V while consuming very little DC current. Delivery: stock.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Woburn, MA (781) 933-7267.

Surge Arrestors
The Arrestor Plus" series surge arrestors are available in three versions. The T series quarter-wave stub arrestor provides multistrike protection and can be installed in most systems with standard connectors. The integrated quarter-wave stub arrestor can be attached directly to HELIAX" coaxial cable for maximized system performance, and the wideband gas tube surge arrestor is suitable for applications requiring DC power. The surge arrestors are easy to install, help ensure maximum system performance and are available in 7-16 DIN and type-N interfaces.
Andrew Corp.,
Orland Park, IL (800) 255-1479, ext. 318.

Ultra-low Profile, Narrow-pitch SMD Connectors
The NAiS" brand P5KF series ultra-low profile (1.5 mm) SMD connectors set new standards for board-to-board connectors in very small, portable electronics such as pagers and cellular telephones. The devices enhance space-miser capabilities with a narrow 0.5 mm contact pitch and are available in standard configurations of 20 to 60 contacts. Versions with stacking heights of 2.0 and 2.5 mm are also available.
Aromat Corp.,
New Providence, NJ (800) 331-9380.

900 MHz Narrowband Receive Filter
This 900 MHz narrowband receive filter achieves low insertion loss and high selectivity. The unit features a pass band of 901 to 902 MHz, insertion loss (achieved in a package measuring 7.50" x 3.25" x 2.10") of 0.8 dB (max) and rejection of 50 dB at 891 and 912 MHz. Application-specific designs are available.
ClearComm Technologies Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 860-0500.

High Performance Adapters
These adapters are available in several versions, including BNC over SMA, MCX, PC and K. The adapters are designed for passive intermodulation as well as for network measuring applications. In addition to patterns such as male/male, female/female, male/female rectangular and T-versions, a range of special adapters are also offered. A minimum of 500 matings is guaranteed. Special body and plating materials (such as Sucoplate®) are available.
Huber+Suhner AG, RF Interconnection Division,
Herisau, Switzerland +41 (0)71 353 41 11.

Electromechanical Switch
The model MM4 4P3T electromechanical switch is designed for cell sites with three antennas each receiving or transmitting over 120° or one-third the coverage area for cellular telephone carrier or wireless applications. Standard switching configurations employ four amplifiers – one for each antenna plus a spare. The unit connects the input of four amplifiers with three signal sources and the output of four amplifiers with three antennas. Additional switch configurations are available from MM4 (4P3T) through MM9 (9P8T). MM10 and higher configurations are available for special applications.
Jay-EL/DMT, RF/Microwave and Illuminated Products,
Carson, CA (310) 513-7200.

Ultra-broadband Diode Switches
The models SWM-1100-1 and SWM-1200-1 ultra-broadband diode switches operate from 0.25 to 18 GHz and feature a microstrip soft substrate for the RF circuit with thick-film hybrid drivers. This combination yields low RF insertion loss with a cost-effective, thick-film hybrid driver design. Switching speed for both models is 100 ns (max). RF power is 1 W (avg), 10 W peak, and SWR is 2 (max). Isolation is 60 dB up to 10 GHz and 50 dB at 18 GHz, and maximum insertion loss is 1.5 dB at 4 GHz, 2 dB at 10 GHz and 2.75 dB at 18 GHz. Both switches require +/-5 V DC at +/-100 mA. Prices: $345 (model SWM-1100-1) and $414 (model SWM-1200-1). Delivery: stock.
KDI/triangle Electronics Inc., an MCE company,
Whippany, NJ (973) 887-8100, ext. 500.

Varactor Diode Driver
The model LTC1340 varactor diode driver is suitable for use in phase-locked loop frequency synthesizers in Global Service for Mobile communications (GSM) cellular telephone applications. From a 3 V supply, the unit generates a 5 V supply rail to the internal varactor drive amplifier by means of a charge pump. The low noise amplifier features a gain of 2.3, allowing the smaller output voltage of the synthesizer phase detector to drive the varactor diode with wider voltage tuning ranges. The amplifier input stage includes a built-in offset voltage that permits the output voltage to swing to ground without requiring 0 V on the input, keeping the phase detector within its linear operation range. Providing output current of +/-20 mA, the driver can also be used in low supply voltage instrumentation applications. In addition, the unit features output referred noise of 15 mVRMS and an adjustable operational amplifier bandwidth from 10 to 500 kHz. Price: starts at $2.90 (1000).
Linear Technology Corp.,
Milpitas, CA (408) 432-1900, ext. 2359.

700 - 1000 MHz Monolithic Double-balanced Mixer
The model MA4EX900L monolithic mixer is provided in die form and features performance characteristics comparable to those of a hybrid mixer. The mixer is fabricated with the company’s patented heterolithic microwave IC silicon/glass process to achieve low loss passive elements while retaining the advantages of low barrier silicon Schottky diodes. The mixer operates over the frequency range from 700 to 1000 MHz and is glass encapsulated, working best in high volume wireless and cellular applications. It is most effective in situations that require small size and high repeatability. The mixer is available as a monolithic die or in a miniature plastic 8L-MSOP package. Higher frequency mixers in this series will be available in die form or in an ultraminiature SOT25 package.
M/A-COM, an AMP company,
Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266.

125 MHz Synchronous DRAMs
These 125 MHz, 64 Meg synchronous DRAMs operate from a 3.3 V power supply and are packaged in Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council standard 54-pin TSOPs. The units are available in three configurations: 16 Meg x 4, 8 Meg x 8 and 4 Meg x 16.
Micron Technology Inc.,
Boise, ID (208) 368-3900.

Miniature Dry Load
The model 625 high performance miniature dry load offers a power rating of 25 W. The standard model offers a frequency range of DC to 4 GHz with a maximum SWR of 1.15. Extended frequency ranges are also available. Typical size is 2.25" (length) x 1.25" (dia). Connector types are BNC, N, SMA and TNC.
Microwave Devices Inc.,
Franklin, IN (317) 736-8833.

Block Upconverters
The model BUC-6000 block upconverter is designed to translate a block of L-band input frequencies to C-band. The model BUC-14000 is designed to translate a block of L-band input frequencies to Ku-band. The units feature low phase noise, lock to an external 10 MHz reference and are INTELSAT/EUTELSAT compliant.
State College, PA (814) 238-2700.

1 - 18 GHz Limiter
The model PL356 limiter operates from 1 to 18 GHz and features internal DC return designed with an SMA input male connector and an SMA female output connector. The unit is designed for use as a drop-in cylindrical module with a normal operating temperature of –54° to +85°C. Insertion loss is 2 dB (typ) with a limiting of +20 dBm. The unit features CW power at 2 W and peak power at 100 W.
Omniyig Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-0843.

Ultraminiature Voltage-variable Attenuator
The model 5055-K110 broadband ultraminiature voltage-variable attenuator requires only a single power supply (+12 V DC). The temperature-compensated attenuator operates from 8 to 18 GHz over the temperature range from –55° to +100°C. Linearity is 1 dB over the dynamic range of 50 dB while insertion loss and SWR are 3.5 dB and 1.8, respectively. The unit’s speed of response is 1 ms. Size: 0.75" x 0.53" x 0.22", excluding the field-replaceable connectors (either GPO or SMA).
Robinson Laboratories Inc.,
Nashua, NH (603) 880-7880.

Surface-mount Attenuator Chips
The RFP250250-4AA series surface-mount attenuator chips are available in frequencies ranging from DC to 2 GHz with standard attenuation values from 1 to 30 dB. The units are designed for 50 W systems and feature low SWR (1.2, typ), accurate attenuation and power ratings to 8 W. The attenuators are three-port devices measuring 0.25" x 0.25" x 0.04" with wraparound platinum silver terminals in a standard PI or T configuration where one port is connected to ground. The devices can be reflow soldered to the PCB and are available in bulk or tape-and-reel packaging for hand soldering or pick and place. The attenuators are constructed using proprietary thick-film techniques on a ceramic substrate. Attenuator films are protected with an epoxy ink and marking is available.
RF Power Components Inc., Resistive Components Division,
Bohemia, NY (516) 563-5050.

Miniature Chip Resistors
The RC31 series chip resistors are characterized by very high mechanical ruggedness and, due to their small size, are especially well suited for use in high frequency applications. The resistors also meet current industry standards with a power dissipation of 1/16 W, resistance range from 10 W to 1 MW and tolerance of five percent. The devices are supplied in cardboard tape (10,000 on an 18 mm reel) and in bulk case (up to 100,000 units per bulk case) for very high volume assembly lines.
Philips Components,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands +31 40 72 27 90.

Space-qualified Isolators
These high powered, space-qualified isolators with TNC connectors are designed to handle 130 W CW (integral load rated at 260 W) over the frequency range from 2.4 to 2.6 GHz. The units feature isolation of 23 dB (min), SWR of 1.15 (max) and insertion loss of 0.2 (max) over a temperature range from –25° to +90°C. Approximate dimensions of the units including the load are 1.25" x 2.35" (with mounting flange) x 0.75". This unit is designed to prevent multipaction, and the multipaction level of this design is calculated to be more than 700 W.
Sierra Microwave Technology,
Georgetown, TX (512) 869-5007.

Ceramic Dielectric Trimmer Capacitors
The new GKTXXX10 series ceramic dielectric trimmer capacitors replace the company’s discontinued 7 mm ceramic dielectric trimmers. Models in this series are suitable for consumer and industrial applications requiring a rugged, 7 mm-size trimmer that fits a three-hole printed circuit mounting layout. Eight models are available in capacitance ranges from 2 to 5 pF to 14 to 120 pF. The operating temperature range is –25° to +85°C, voltage rating is 100 V DC, insulation resistance is 104 MW (min) and torque is 35 to 200 g-cm (0.49 to 2.8 oz-in). All models feature low setting drift. Prices: start at 27¢ (1000). Delivery: 12 weeks.
Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc.,
Westbury, NY (516) 334-8700.

Blind Mate Connectors
The Blind Mate series connectors offer push-on mating while providing good microwave performance. The connectors provide for miniaturization through modular design by eliminating cable assemblies. The spring-loading mechanism allows for axial and radial misalignment. Available interfaces include BMA and BMZ per MIL-STD-348, and push-on SMA. Configurations include semirigid and flexible cable connectors, hermetic versions and adapters, fixed and floating versions, low profile styles, high power versions, stripline and microstrip launchers, adapters between series and terminations.
Solitron Vector Microwave Products Inc. (SV Microwave),
West Palm Beach, FL (561) 840-1800.

7-16 DIN Connector
The model EZ-600-716MH 7-16 DIN male interface is equipped with a hex coupling nut and crimp attachment for LMR-600. The connector body and center pin are silver plated, providing good intermod performance. The no-solder captive center contact provided aids in field installation and cable assembly manufacturing. Typical performance include an SWR of 1.2 up to 2 GHz and loss of less than 0.1 dB. Price: $35.
Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT (800) 867-2629 or (203) 949-8400.

RF Coaxial Connectors
These connectors are identified with UG product numbers, are manufactured to original military drawings and feature N, HN, LC, LT, QDS, QDL, twin series and other types of straight-thru and right-angle styles. Configurations include plugs, jacks and receptacles ranging from UG-18/U to UG-1900/U. Capable of customizing materials, back-end packing, insulators, gaskets and plating, the connectors are manufactured per MIL-C-3608, 3607, 71, 3650, 3643 and 3655. Many UG numbers have been superseded by MIL-C-39012 numbers.
Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA (978) 532-0775.

DC-blocked Termination
The model T50R0-10-11C high power, DC-blocked termination is designed for applications requiring 10 W of power with an integrated DC block. The termination offers engineers the opportunity to incorporate a DC block in the termination, making it suitable for circulator, hybrid and other high power applications where it is difficult to incorporate the DC block. Other specifications include all-brazed construction with resistance ranges from 0.1 to 1000 W, attenuation values from 1 to 20 dB and frequency ranges from DC to 18 GHz.
Barry Industries Inc.,
Attleboro, MA (508) 226-3350.

Chip Arrays
The BCN series chip arrays has been expanded to include three new sizes. The model BCN 218 array (size 1608) is a concave termination device with eight bussed resistive elements. The model BCN 168 (size 1206), also with eight resistive elements, is a convex termination device. The model BCN 10 array (size 0804) is a convex termination device that features an isolated circuit with four resistors. Prices: 10¢ each for the models BCN 218 and BCN 168, and 7¢ each for the model BCN 10 (100,000).
BI Technologies Corp.,
Fullerton, CA (714) 447-2300.

PCS Filter Set
This line of PCS filters includes two-, three-, four- and five-pole configurations that cover all band segments, as well as receive/transmit diplexers. The filters feature a 3 dB bandwidth of 20 MHz (max), pass band of fo +/-7.59 MHz, pass band loss of £ 4 dB, pass band SWR of less than 1.5, 30 dB rejection of fo +/-30 MHz and 50 dB rejection of fo +/-50 MHz. The PCS filters can be packaged in leadless SMT suitable for reflow assembly, as well as tape and reel and other packaging configurations to suit specific design requirements.
ComNav Engineering Inc.,
Portland, ME (207) 797-4588.

Coaxial Relay Modules
The model 7000 series coaxial relay modules are designed to maintain coaxial switching continuity over a wide range of critical and severe environment applications. The modules feature two to 24 throws and DC up to 800 MHz, depending on the number of throws. Additional features include low SWR, continous shield continuity, individually replaceable switchpoints and available built-in amplifiers for video and RF applications. Typical applications include RF and IF signal switching, baseband video and pulse switching, and coaxial switching matrices.
Matrix Systems,
Calabasas, CA (818) 222-2301.

L-band High Power SPDT Switch
The model 402H-197 L-band high power coaxial switch is a SPDT unit designed for use in satellite applications. The switch features latching, indicator circuitry and an operating voltage of 28 V DC. Insertion loss is 0.15 dB (max), isolation is 60 dB (min), SWR is 1.2 (max) and peak power is a multipaction-free operation up to 200 W at 1.15 GHz.
Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.

5 - 750 MHz Directional Coupler
The model JDC-10-2 directional coupler covers the wide 5 to 750 MHz frequency range in a miniature, J-leaded surface-mount package and delivers 10 +/-0.5 dB (nom) coupling with +/-0.6 dB flatness. These units typically exhibit high 20 dB directivity, low 1 dB insertion loss and good 1.13 SWR over the entire frequency band. Maximum power input is 1 W. Price: $14.95 each (1–9).
Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.

Surface-mount Solid-state Relays
These surface-mount solid-state relays satisfy military/aerospace and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) requirements. The CA AC, CD DC and SR75 (plastic package with military performance) COTS DC series are packaged as gull wing leads; and the SED and SGD series are packaged as ceramic leadless chip carriers. The C60, AC/DC, C45 and AC series relays are also available commercially. The devices can be mounted on both sides of a PCB, providing substantial board real estate savings.
Teledyne Relays,
Hawthorne, CA (213) 777-0077.

Miniature Surface-mount Coaxial Switch
This miniature surface-mount coaxial switch is a single-pole, two-position unit that provides high reliability, long life and good electrical performance characteristics in a miniature package. The power consumption is approximately one-half that of the miniature connectorized switches. The switch is available with four different operating frequency ranges (DC to 18 GHz), two coil voltages and two different pin configurations. Additional features include an insertion loss of 0.2 to 0.7 dB (max) and SWR of 1.3 to 1.7.
RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mt. Kisco, NY (914) 241-1334.

500 MHz Bandpass Filter
The model B12500M1 bandpass filter features a center frequency of 500 MHz, +/-0.5 dB bandwidth of 60 MHz (min) and rejection of greater than 60 dBc at 360 and 640 MHz. Size: 0.50" x 0.50" x 1.75" (excluding connectors). Connectors are SMA female.
Microwave Circuits Inc.,
Washington, DC (800) 642-2587.