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New wireless communications filter from API Technologies eliminates AWS

May 30, 2014

API Technologies Corp., a leading provider of high performance RF/microwave, power and security solutions for critical and high-reliability applications, announced today a new portable, wireless communications bandpass filter that eliminates Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) interference at Electronic News Gathering-Receive Only (ENG-RO) BAS Channel A7.

The CMF905 is designed for use by television stations, broadcast wireless services, ENG-RO, and cellular base stations that transmit signals and need to mitigate the interference of cellular frequencies above 2110.6 MHz. As mandated by the FCC, cellular service providers must make timely adjustments in their systems to reduce interference with television station communication links using electronic news gathering services.

The close proximity of the lower AWS1 frequency block (2110.6 to 2121.5 MHz) can cause interference with the BAS Channel A7 communications link. This is especially common in metropolitan areas with congested electromagnetic spectrums. API’s wireless communications filter provides 60 dB of rejection from 2110.6 MHz to 2121.5 MHz (AWS1), while passing BAS Channel A7 frequencies (2097.5 to 2109.5 MHz). The CMF905’s sophisticated filtering capabilities allow local television stations to communicate clearly, using voice and video, to and from their mobile units without experiencing interference.

John Yania, product line manager, RF/Microwave & Microelectronics (RF2M-US), API Technologies comments, “Our new AWS BAS filter is an excellent, cost-effective solution for interference caused by close proximity emissions. The unit’s compact size and portability features make it easy to transport and install. Also, since it is water-tight, it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.”

API’s new filter is sealed for outdoor exposure, protecting it from water and weather damage. It can be installed for both indoor and outdoor use.

API Technologies’ CMF905 is one of a series of specialized bandpass filters designed to eliminate or mitigate spectrum interference between wireless carriers and broadcast providers. To explore these solutions, visit micro.apitech.com/wireless_filters.aspx.

Technical Features

  • Passes BAS Channel A7 frequencies (2097.5 to 2109.5 MHz)
  • 60 dB of rejection at AWS1 frequencies (2110.6 to 2450.0 MHz)
  • Small (6.33” x 4.43” x 2.29”) and light weight (< 4 lbs.)

Product Image: http://micro.apitech.com/images/products/CMF905-highRes.jpg

Data Sheet: http://micro.apitech.com/pdf/cmt/CMF905.pdf