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Richardson RFPD introduces 400L Series precision tolerance, thin film NPO RF microwave capacitors from ATC

March 14, 2014

Richardson RFPD Inc. announces immediate availability and full design support capabilities of the 400L Seriesof precision tolerance, thin film NPO RF and microwave capacitors from American Technical Ceramics Corp. (ATC).

The 400L Series is manufactured with the highest quality materials and a thin film process to provide reliable and repeatable performance with best-in-class capacitance tolerances. The devices are constructed with a low loss silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride dielectric, along with high quality sputtered electrode materials to ensure superior performance. The 400L capacitors are available in EIA 0402 (1005 metric) case size and are fully-compatible with high-speed, automated pick-and-place manufacturing.

Their high electrical and thermal conductivity and high stability over temperature make these devices suitable for a variety of critical small- and large-signal RF and microwave applications, including filter networks, matching networks, high-Q frequency sources, tuning, coupling, bypass, and DC blocking.

Key features of the ATC 400L Series capacitors include:

  • Case size: EIA 0402 (1005 metric)
  • Capacitance range: 0.1 pF to 68 pF
  • Tolerances: to +/-0.01 pF
  • Voltage rating: up to 200 WVDC
  • Operating temperature range: -55 ºC to +125 ºC
  • Ultra-stable performance

Sample kits for three of the new 400L Series capacitors (part numbers DK0073T, DK0074T and DK0075T) are also available.

Richardson RFPD's design advisors provide extensive technical expertise and design-in assistance for ATC products, including these new capacitors. The products are in stock and available for immediate delivery. To find more information, or to purchase these products today on the Richardson RFPD website, please visit the ATC 400L Precision Tolerance, Hi-Q Capacitorswebpage. The devices are also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America); or please find your local sales engineer (worldwide) at Local Sales Support. To learn about additional products from ATC, please visit the ATC storefront webpage.