Microwave Journal

Accel-RF Instruments introduces automated multi-channel RF-biased burn-in test system

March 12, 2014

Accel-RF Instruments Corp. is the world-leader in supplying equipment for performing measured long-term reliability assessment on compound-semiconductors. To keep up with the shift in GaN from “research novelty” to “market reality,” Accel is expanding its RFBL measurement equipment with the introduction of an 80-Channel RF Bias Burn-In System. The system architecture is derived from the highly developed and field-proven measurement platform product, AARTS. Accel-RF has supplied AARTS equipment to top-tier manufactures for over 12 years, and more recently, has supplied equipment to most of the contractors participating in the DARPA wide-band-gap (WBG) semiconductor initiative and the follow-on Title III Program.

Accel-RF’s platform solution is the only available integrated instrument that can demonstrate a compliance with aerospace, government and commercial RF semiconductor life-test standards. 

Accel-RF’s customers receive maximum return-on-investment (ROI) through reduced development time, demonstrated reliability assessment and increased “permission-to-play” market opportunities.

These systems deliver an unbeatable combination of advantages over a wide range of RF frequencies and power levels. The Automated Multi-Channel RF-Biased Burn-In Test System is a turnkey system that incorporates all of the capability needed for accelerated aging and parametric testing of RF semiconductor devices. Its powerful software elegantly supports data acquisition, storage, and presentation. Accel RF’s customers choose system features to meet their technical needs and capital budget. In addition to cost savings, use of Accel-RF’s solutions accelerate product time-to-market, saving many months of product development.