Microwave Journal

Digital Phase Shifter: Telemakus TEP2000-4

February 25, 2014

TEP200-4RFMW Ltd. announces application and sales support for the Telemakus TEP2000-4 digital phase shifter. This laboratory quality phase shifter has a minimum phase range of 360 degrees with 12-bit, 0.25 degree resolution and operates over the bandwidth of 1 to 2 GHz. Maximum RF input for linear operation is +6 dBm but the device can handle up to +20 dBm.

Typical insertion loss through the TEP2000-4  is only 4dB. When coupled with the TEA4000-7 USB controlled RF attenuator, a gain and phase control system can be created. Applications include phased array antenna testing.

Weighing less than an ounce each, Telemakus test devices represent the latest technology in low cost, transportable test equipment. Each unit’s graphical user interface (GUI) is resident in on-board Flash memory making them “plug and play” for Window’s™ based PCs.

Two complementary phase shifters are available from Telemakus, the TEP4000-5 spanning 2-4 GHz and the TEP8000-6 spanning 4-8GHz for higher frequency applications.