Microwave Journal

Network Analyzer Extender: STN-SF908-00-P2

February 14, 2014

2014-02-05 STN-SF908-00-P2Model STN-SF908-00-P2 is an F band scalar network analyzer extender covers the frequency range of 90 to 140 GHz. It offers an alternative way of allowing users to achieve millimeter wave scalar measurement in a low cost approach without losing any of the functionalities and features that the industry standard models have to offer.

The scalar network analyzer extender utilizes a X9 frequency extender (STE-SF908-00-S1) to extend the measurement range from 10.0-15.56 to 90-140 GHz. It offers 25 dB dynamic range for insertion loss measurement and 15 dB dynamic range for return loss measurement. The basic configuration includes a frequency extender (STE-SF908-00-S1), a Faraday isolator (STF-08-S1), a direct reading attenuator (STA-60-08-D1), a single directional coupler (SWD-2040H-08-SB) and two waveguide detectors (STD-08-NI).

The programmable attenuator (STA-60-08-P1) and dual-directional coupler (SWD-2040H-08-DB) can be offered to extend the capacities of the extender under various model numbers.

The scalar network analyzer extenders in other frequency bands from 26.5 to170 GHz are also offered from SAGE Millimeter, Inc.