Microwave Journal

Rosenberger introduces 4.3-10 connector

February 3, 2014

Rosenberger has introduced the new innovative 4.3-10 connector series for mobilecom applications. The company developed these 4.3-10 connectors in co-operation with HUBER+SUHNER, SPINNER and Telegärtner. They are designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment and the demands for ongoing space reductions simultaneously.

4.3-10 connectors are available with screw-on, hand-screw, and quick-lock coupling mechanisms. All types can be mated independently of torque, resulting in excellent, reliable and constant passive intermodulation (PIM), while also limiting installation failures. Outstanding product features are very low PIM, excellent VSWR values, and high-density design due to diminutive footprints – 40 percent space reduction compared to 7-16 connectors.

The IEC standardization of the 4.3-10 connectors is in progress, the Rosenberger, HUBER+SUHNER, SPINNER and Telegärtner guarantee full intermateability of the connector series.