Microwave Journal

Coilcraft launches new design tool app

January 14, 2014

Coilcraft has announced its new RF and Power Inductor Product Finder App for Apple and Android smart phones. This free application enables users to quickly select the best inductor for their design and order free evaluation samples, all from their mobile phone.

The new App offers parametric product search capability and includes Coilcraft’s full suite of RF and Power inductor selection tools. The Power Inductor tool provides instant comparisons of core and winding losses, as well as DCR at temperature analysis. The RF Inductor tool allows users to quickly compare L, Q, Ω and ESR, analyze inductance at frequency, and search for products with the highest Q or impedance. When users have picked their inductors, they can easily access product datasheets and quickly order free product samples with just a few more taps of the screen.

Users can access Coilcraft’s free mobile app from their smart phone at www.coilcraft.com/mobile.

For more information, contact Len Crane, +1-847-639-6400, lcrane@coilcraft.com