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Anritsu teams with Wild River Technology to develop signal integrity test solutions

Test & Measurement

December 23, 2013

Anritsu Co., as part of its commitment to develop innovative test solutions to meet the needs of signal integrity engineers, announces a working cooperation with Wild River Technology. The two companies are collaborating to provide test solutions that meet the rigorous test requirements associated with high-speed serial data interconnects, SERDES testing, cables, and backplanes used in Next Generation Networks (NGNs).

As part of the cooperation, Anritsu has introduced the Wild River Technology CMP-28 and CMP-32 Channel Modeling Platforms (CMPs) as complements to the Anritsu VectorStar™ MS4640B Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) series. Together, the CMP platforms and VectorStarprovide a means of accurately verifying measurement-simulation correlation for signal integrity engineers and designers working on high-speed systems ranging from 6 to 32 Gbps data rates.  CMP-28 is aimed at developers working up to 28 Gbps and CMP-32 for rates up to 32 Gbps.

Users make S-parameter measurements of the CMP platform structures with VectorStarand then compare the results with the predictions of a 3D-EM simulator based on the supplied dimensional and dielectric properties of the structures. Together, the CMP platform and VectorStarenable signal integrity engineers to have fewer design cycles through validation of measurement-simulation correspondence and have greater confidence in first-turn design success. This removes the need to develop custom channel modeling platforms, improves the designer’s confidence and speeds time-to-market.

Using either the CMP-28 and CMP-32 platform together with VectorStar delivers a more reliable assessment of measurement-simulation correspondence due to the inherent accuracy of the MS4640B Vector Star’s S-parameter measurements. In large part this is due to VectorStar’s ability to deliver high-quality low-frequency measurements, which are critical for DC-point estimation as required for accurate time domain simulations fidelity of high-speed systems.  This is achieved through use of an innovative bridge/coupler hybrid architecture that provides high dynamic range results at low and high frequencies alike.  The VectorStar family includes models with available frequency ranges extending from 70 KHz to 70 GHz and extensions for broadband measurements from 70 kHz to 110 GHz.

The introduction of the CMP-28 and CMP-32 Channel Modeling Platforms further adds to the range of Signal Integrity solutions from Anritsu Company, including the MS4640B VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer family and the 32 Gbps MP1800A BERT Signal Quality Analyzer.