Microwave Journal

STZ-12-I1 E Band Noise Source

November 26, 2013

2013-02-07 STZ-12-I1 IconModel STZ-12-I1 is an E Band full waveguide noise source. The noise source is silicon IMPATT diode based solid state noise source, which employs high performance diode and priority circuit design to offer nominal 14 dB ENR with extreme flatness in entire waveguide bandwidth from 60 to 90 GHz.

The noise source is integrated with Faraday isolator to improve the port VSWR and load pull to result more reliable and accurate noise figure measurement. The operating voltage of the noise source is at +28 Vdc via a BNC (F) connector, which offers immediate interface requirement with industry standard noise meter, such as Agilent Model 8970. In addition, the noise source can work in either CW or pulse AM mode by applying TTL triggering signal via an SMA (F) connector.

The noise sources in other frequency bands from 26.5 to 170 GHz are also available from SAGE Millimeter, Inc.