Microwave Journal

Skyworks introduces step-down regulator for multimode, multiband RF PAs

November 25, 2013

Skyworks Solutions Inc. introduces a step-down regulator with auto-bypass and low drop out that controls the operating voltage for multimode, multiband WDCMA or GSM/EDGE power amplifiers, delivering optimum efficiency for all operating states. Targeted for smartphones, mobile/cellular phones, wireless data cards and portable media devices, the SKY87000 integrates a bypass linear regulator that further improves system performance. When combined with Skyworks’ leading-edge PAs, the SKY87000 offers the industry’s best overall efficiency and delivers customers a complete solution. 

The link to the datasheet can be found on www.skyworksinc.com at: http://www.skyworksinc.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=1569.

Samples are available, and pricing depends on quantities. Please contact a sales representative at sales@skyworksinc.com or visit the company’s web site at www.skyworksinc.com for more information.