Microwave Journal


July 1, 1997


Surge-protection Adapters

These surge-protection adapters are designed to prevent the high energy transients generated during lightning strikes, switching on or off of high current inductive loads, or from electrostatic discharge from damaging sensitive components and modules inside RF and microwave systems. The transients produce waveforms in the kiloamp region that can last for several milliseconds. The field-replaceable gas tube surge arrester inside the electromagnetic pulse adapter limits the intensity of the transient to a safe level and is installed typically between the antenna feed and the RF module. The gas tube is a high speed switch that turns on at specified voltages and short circuits the center conductor of the adapter to ground. The adapters are available with type N, TNC, BNC and SMA interfaces in straight or right-angle configurations.

Astrolab Inc., Warren, NJ (908) 560-3800.


Low Loss Cable Assemblies

The models FCL02 and FC105 low loss cable assemblies feature 0.25 dB/foot loss at 18 GHz and 5 ppm per °C and a bend radius of 1.5" and 0.5", respectively. The assemblies use a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape-wrap dielectric design inside the company’s patented outer conductor.

Flexco Microwave Inc., Hackettstown, NJ (908) 850-5800.


Coaxial Cable Pointing Tools

These coaxial cable pointing tools are designed to point the center conductor of semirigid cables. The tools produce a perfectly dimensioned point even if the conductor is cut at random length, and the pointed center conductor allows for easy insertion into the socket contact of a connector. Cable sizes can range from 0.034" to over 0.5".

Florida RS Technology Inc., Palm City, FL (561) 221-8188.


Flexible, Low Loss Coaxial Cable

This flexible, low loss coaxial cable (available in 0.25" and 0.5" sizes) is designed for use in confined space and where multiple bends are required. The cable can be used in place of braided-type coaxial cable to provide good electrical performance and is available in standard 50 W and special-order 75 W impedance versions. The types SLF-14 and SLF-12 cable have inner conductors constructed of copper-clad aluminum, low loss foam dielectric and a corrugated copper tube outer conductor covered with a black polyethylene jacket. Connectors for the SLF cable are available in type-N, BNC, SMA, UHF and IEC interfaces.

Gabriel Electronics Inc., Scarborough, ME (207) 883-5161.


I/Q Vector Modulators

The 73/74 series in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) vector modulators offer 60 dB dynamic range of attenuation and 360° phase control in three broadbands covering the 2 to 24 GHz frequency range. The 73 series units offer 12-bit I and Q digital control for high resolution and the 74 series units offer analog control with comparable RF performance. All models incorporate multiple biphase attenuator sections to provide more than 60 dB attenuation range at any frequency. The vector modulators are capable of the full 360° phase range at any attenuation level. Size: 4" x 3" x 1". Weight: approximately 12 oz. The units operate from –54° to +100°C.

General Microwave Corp., Amityville, NY (516) 226-8900.


Matrix Switches

The models 87406B and 87606B six-port coaxial matrix switches are designed for 3 x 3 , 2 x 4 and 1 x 5 signal routing in rack-and-stack test architectures. The switches feature good repeatability and reliability, which increases measurement confidence and lowers costs. The switches provide repeatability < 0.03 dB (typ) and a life expectancy > five million cycles. The units operate from DC to 20 GHz and feature an insertion loss of 1 dB (max); isolation > 70 dB; SWR < 2; and input power of 1 W (avg), 50 W peak.

Hewlett-Packard Co., Santa Rosa, CA (800) 452-4844.


GPS Diplex Filter

This Global Positioning System (GPS) diplexer with a pass band centered at 1227 and 1557 MHz features an insertion loss of 2 dB and cross-over rejection at 1400 MHz of > 30 dBc. Surface-mount technology (SMT) or through-hole configurations are available. The units are reflowable, suitable for pick and place, and are available with tape-and-reel packaging.

Integrated Microwave Corp., San Diego, CA (619) 259-2600.


RF Connectors

The MMCX series RF connectors are terminable to standard-size coaxial cable. Standard application cables range in size from 0.047" (dia) to RG-316. Center contacts can be either crimped or soldered. The rugged snap-on interface maintains constant mating force and allows rotation without degradation of electrical performance. The interface is slotless to minimize RF leakage. SWR performance is rated to 6 GHz and mating durability is rated to 500 cycles. Straight and right-angle configurations are available in PC-mount jacks or cabled plugs.

Johnson Components Inc., Waseca, MN (507) 835-6550.


PCS Full-band Duplexer

The model WSD-00010 personal communications service (PCS) full-band duplexer offers low loss, high power handling and small size. The unit provides receive pass band coverage from 1850 to 1910 MHz and transmit coverage from 1930 to 1990 MHz with a maximum insertion loss of 0.5 dB. Channel-to-channel isolation is rated at 40 dB (min) with rejection for both receive and transmit channels holding to respective third-harmonic frequencies. Transmit power handling is 200 W CW and 2000 W peak with a minimum pass band return loss of 15 dB. The duplexer operates from –25° to +70°C and is rated for storage from –40° to +85°C. The unit is housed in a small 5.12" ¥ 4.33" ¥ 1.5" package (without connectors). Delivery: stock.

K&L Microwave Inc., Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.


2.3 - 2.7 GHz Drop-in Isolators and Circulators

These drop-in isolators and circulators operate from 2.3 to 2.7 GHz with consistent performance assured through the use of precision test fixtures. The units feature an isolation of 20 dB (min), SWR of 1.25 (max), insertion loss of 0.5 dB (max), RF power rating of 5 W and operating temperature range of –30° to +70°C.

Harris Corp., Farinon Division, San Antonio, TX (210) 561-6300.


140 MHz Bandpass Filter

The model 5MB4-140/72 bandpass filter features a nominal center frequency of 140 MHz, SWR of 1.5 and amplitude flatness of 1.5 dB from 104 to 176 MHz. Rejection is 20 dB at 95 MHz and 15 dB at 190 MHz. Size: 0.80" x 0.50" x 0.33" with pins for through-hole mounting.

Kel-Com, a division of K&L Microwave Inc., Salisbury, MD (410) 749-6774.


140 MHz Bandpass Filter

The model 5MB4-140/72 bandpass filter features a nominal center frequency of 140 MHz, SWR of 1.5 and amplitude flatness of 1.5 dB from 104 to 176 MHz. Rejection is 20 dB at 95 MHz and 15 dB at 190 MHz. Size: 0.80" x 0.50" x 0.33" with pins for through-hole mounting.

Kel-Com, a division of K&L Microwave Inc., Salisbury, MD (410) 749-6774.


Digital Eight-phase Shifter

The model MIC-D43S digital eight-phase shifter uses filters as the phase-shift element, incorporating the inherent phase characteristics of filters to give the unit good phase performance in the 100 to 300 MHz frequency range. The unit can be used as a phase shifter in either switched or series digital configurations and contains eight individual filters with controlled phase-shift values. The phase delay of each filter is switched with PIN diodes to provide constant phase and flat frequency performance with a 0° to 360° phase shift in 1.4° (min) step sizes. The phase shifter features an impedance of 50 ohm, insertion loss of 4 dB (max) and SWR of 1.30. Price: $1250 in production quantities. Delivery: six to eight weeks.

KDI/triangle Corp., Whippany, NJ (201) 887-8100.


Surface-mount Connector System

The SSMT series surface-mount connector system is designed for use as a surface-mount attachment to PCBs and features a low profile 3 mm mated height and reduced 0.053" (dia) flexible cable, allowing for greater PCB packaging density. The system’s mated interface allows for a 360° rotation and provides high retention characteristics for dynamic applications. The system’s plugs are available in two standard tape-and-reel packaging formats (800 and 3000 pieces) for use on automatic placement equipment. Broadband performance is from DC to 6 GHz and SWR is 1.2 at 2 GHz.

M/A-COM Inc., an AMP company, Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266.


Delay Lines

These delay lines have been improved to increase performance, reduce size, increase unit-to-unit repeatability and shorten delivery time. The delay lines are available for typical base station applications from 800 MHz to 2 GHz. Typical delay times range from 15 to 60 ns. Phase and insertion loss stability are maintained from 0° to +80°C. The delay lines are available with SMA, MCX, MMCX and GPO connectors in cable diameters of 0.047" to 0.250". Direct surface-mount connections are also available.

MICRO-COAX, a division of UTI Corp., Collegeville, PA (610) 489-3700.


Barium Titanate Substrates

These barium titanate metallized substrates offer flexibility and allow dielectric constants from 20 to 80 while reducing feature size requirements to gain circuit area. The TaN/TiW/Au metallization provides good performance for RF and microwave applications.

Mini-Systems Inc. (MSI), Thin Film Division, Attleboro, MA (508) 226-2111.


High Power Unidirectional Couplers

The models 317N06 and 317N1 high power unidirectional couplers provide coupling of 6 and 10 dB, respectively. The units feature 500 W of input power with the use of external terminating resistors. Typical mainline SWR is 1.25 with insertion loss of 0.7 dB. Nominal coupling flatness is ±0.25 dB with 20 dB of directivity. The units are supplied with N connectors.

Microwave Devices Inc., Franklin, IN (317) 736-8833.


400 – 900 MHz Directional Coupler

The model JDC-20-2 directional coupler features a frequency range from 400 to 900 MHz, high 19 dB directivity, low 0.2 dB insertion loss and an SWR of 1.15. The unit is supplied in a 0.28" x 0.31" x 0.23" surface-mount package and is equipped with solder-plated J leads for good mechanical integrity over temperature. Price: $14.95 each (1–9). Delivery: stock.

Mini-Circuits, Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.


7/16 DIN Adapter Kit

This adapter kit contains the company’s 7/16 DIN adapters, including the models RFD-1652-2 male-to-female R/A, RFD-1653-2 female-to-female barrel, RFD-1670-2 male to N-male, RFD-1671-2 male to N-female, RFD-1672-2 female to N-male and RFD-1673-2 female to N-female. The company’s 7/16 DIN contacts, N contacts and ground rings are constructed of beryllium copper. All N pins and 7/16 DIN contacts in the kit are silver plated.

RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries, San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728 or (619) 549-6340.


18 - 45 GHz PIN Miniature Attenuators

These PIN miniature attenuators operate from 18 to 45 GHz with < 2.5 dB insertion loss at 30 GHz and 4.5 dB at 50 GHz. Attenuation ranges to 30 dB are available. SWRs of 2.1 over the full attenuation range can be achieved for a bandwidth of at least 1 GHz. The units are available in connectorized or drop-in packages with optional MIL-STD-883 screening and are cascadable with the company’s JSD series amplifiers to form an active multiplier assembly.

MITEQ, Hauppauge, NY (516) 436-7400, ext. 322.


Lightning Filters

The Micro UniBody IS-MF50HD series lightning filter protectors (models IS-MF50HD, IS-MF50HD-MA and IS-MF50HD-ME) exhibit good RF and surge performance with a small footprint and are fully weatherized. The units incorporate an elongated DIN connector with a D-hole mounting capability, and are equipped with a universal weather seal hardware kit for bulkhead or cabinet mounting. The filters feature low surge throughput measuring < 10 microjoules at 3 kiloamperes (8/20 ms waveform). The units also exhibit low insertion loss of £ 0.1 dB and low SWR of £ 1.1 from 1.7 to 2.2 GHz.

PolyPhaser Corp., Minden, NV (800) 325-7170 or (702) 782-2511.


Miniature Coaxial Components and Assemblies

These miniaturized coaxial components and assemblies are designed for use in the 800 to 2000 MHz frequency range for surface-mount, printed-circuit and microwave-substrate use with lower loss than microstrips with 100 percent shielding. The units can serve as jumpers, resonators and impedance transformers and incorporate solid Teflon™ or microporous dielectrics. The units are furnished in 0.02" to 0.25" diameters and with impedances from 10 to 93 ohm. Cable construction is available in copper, tin-plated copper and aluminum, stainless steel and BeCu. Price: approximately $1 in production quantities. Delivery: four to six weeks.

Precision Tube Co., Coaxitube Division, Salisbury, MD (410) 546-3911.


Passive Microwave Components

Two new SMA SPDT relays are available for the company’s line of RAMSES modular electromechanical switches. The units operate from DC to 3 GHz and DC to 18 GHz with failsafe and latching, and standard actuator voltages of 12 or 28 V, including an indicator, electronical interface and suppression diodes. Delivery: two weeks.

Radiall, Rosny Sous Bois, Cedex, France (33) (0) 4 74 94 90 21.


IF AGC Amplifier

The model RF9957 integrated IF automatic gain control (AGC) amplifier/quadrature demodulator is designed for the receive section of dual-mode code-division multiple access (CDMA)/FM cellular and PCS applications. The circuit is designed to amplify received IF signals while providing 100 dB of gain control and to demodulate to baseband I and Q signals. The unit is designed as part of the company’s CDMA chip set, which also includes a CDMA/FM transmit modulator, an IF AGC and an upconverter. The amplifier operates from 2.7 to 3.3 V and features dual outputs, a digital LO quadrature divider and a digitally controlled power-down mode. Price: $2.98 (100,000).

RF Micro Devices Inc., Greensboro, NC (910) 664-1233.


SAW Filters

The models SF1056A, SF1072A and SF1073A surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters are designed for use in wireless local area networks (WLAN) and other wireless data transmission applications. The model SF1056A, which operates at 110.59 MHz, and the model SF1072A, which operates at 135.3 MHz, can be used in receiver IF filters in WLAN systems operating in the 902 to 928 MHz band in the US and Canada. The SF1056A filter has a maximum insertion loss of 10 dB and minimum 3 dB bandwidth of 1.15 MHz. The models SF1056A and SF1072A are housed in hermetically sealed 13.5 x 6.7 x 2 mm surface-mount packages. The model SF1073A is designed for 2.4 GHz WLAN receivers worldwide. The 350 MHz center frequency and 2.1 MHz (min) 3 dB bandwidth make the model SF1073A suitable for the IF section of frequency-hopping spread spectrum receivers under the IEEE 802.11 standard. Maximum insertion loss is 10 dB. Size: 9.3 x 7.3 x 2 mm.

RF Monolithics Inc., Dallas, TX (800) 704-6079 or (972) 448-3700.


16-way Power Divider

The model D-1590 16-way power divider features an SWR input/output of 1.45/1.25 (max), operating frequency of 2085 to 2285 MHz, insertion loss of 1 dB (max), amplitude balance of ±0.5 dB (max) and phase balance of ±6° (max). The divider has an isolation of 25 dB (min) and a power rating of 10 W.

RLC Electronics Inc., Mount Kisco, NY (914) 241-1334.


90° Quadrature Hybrid

This 90° quadrature hybrid operates from 1800 to 2000 MHz and offers a maximum insertion loss of 0.25 dB, SWR of 1.3 (max) and isolation of 20 dB (min). Unbalance for coupling is ±0.25 dB and ±3° for phase. Average power handling is 300 W CW. Size: 1.50" x 1.06" x 0.60", including four SMA female connectors.

Sage Laboratories Inc., Natick, MA (508) 653-0844.


Thin-film High Power Resistors

These high power chip resistors utilize thin film on beryllia for use in high current pulse applications such as power supplies, and are suitable as microwave terminations. The devices are available in 4, 14, 30, 50, 100 and 200 W designs. Two termination styles are available, including the ground-isolation style, which features a solderable solid bottom pad and two solderable top-surface terminals; and the ground-connect style, which features a single wraparound connecting the resistor to a solderable bottom pad with a single top-surface pad for the other connection. The resistors are available in seven case sizes in values ranging from 5.6 ohm to 1 kohm. Optional terminations include epoxy and wire bondable, and double-wraparound surface-mount designs. Available tolerances include 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 and one percent. Delivery: 12 weeks (ARO).

State of the Art Inc. (SOTA), State College, PA (800) 458-3401.


800 - 980 MHz Four-way Power Divider

The model DL 4389 four-way power divider operates from 800 to 980 MHz with an isolation of 18 dB (min), insertion loss of 0.50 dB (max) and SWR of 1.6 (max). Maximum amplitude and phase unbalance are 0.5 dB and 5°, respectively. Power handling is 5 W (max) and operating temperature range is from –54° to +85°C. Size: 1" x 1" x 0.15" in flatpak.

Technical Research and Manufacturing Inc. (TRM), Bedford, NH (603) 627-6000.


Solid-state Relays

These solid-state relays for aviation and military applications are housed in plastic 16-pin DIP packages. The SR75 series relays are available in 60 V (model SR75-1) and 300 V (model SR75-2) MOSFET switch versions and incorporate short-circuit protection and optical isolation. The series also provides integrated short-circuit and current-overload protection. The model SR75-1 is rated for a continuous output load current of 1.5 A at 60 V and the model SR75-2 is rated at 0.75 A at 300 V. Both units meet MIL-STD-704A surges of 80 and 320 V, respectively, and transients to ±600 V peak for 10 ms. The SR75 series relays are available in either surface-mount or through-hole mount configurations. Price: $19.70 each. Delivery: stock to four weeks (models SR75-1 and SR75-2).

Teledyne Relays, Hawthorne, CA (213) 777-0077.


Support/Hoisting Grip

This support/hoisting grip has been designed for the company’s HELIAX® coaxial cable for rapid and safe cable installation. A clamp attaches to the bottom of the grip and is then crimped with a crimping tool. The clamp allows the grip to be used as a support mechanism and as a hoisting device. Once the cable is positioned and the grip handle is fastened to a tower member, the hoist line can be removed. The hoisting grip kit is equipped with a support clamp. A crimp tool and additional clamps are available separately.

Andrew Corp., Orland Park, IL (800) 255-1479.


IF SAW Filter

The model SA085LS IF SAW filter is designed for use in CDMA cellular phones. The unit has a center frequency of 85.38 MHz and a bandwidth of 1.2 MHz. The device achieves > 30 dB rejection level at 1.8 MHz rejection bandwidth and features an insertion loss of 15 dB (typ). The filter has a balanced input and output and is packaged in an industry-standard 19 x 6.5 mm LLC surface-mount ceramic package. A temperature range of –30° to +80°C is offered to meet cellular phone operating environment requirements. Price: $8.75 (1000).

Toko America Inc., Mount Prospect, IL (847) 297-0070.


Custom Combline Cavity Filters

The CC series low loss, high Q custom combline cavity filters feature a low ripple Chebyshev design and operate from 0.4 to 18 GHz. Two to 14 section designs can be specified with bandwidths ranging from 0.5 to 60 percent.

Trilithic Inc., Indianapolis, IN (800) 344-2412 or (317) 895-3600.


Medium-power Fixed Coaxial Attenuator

The model 69 medium-power fixed coaxial attenuator is designed to meet the environmental requirements of MIL-A-3933 and features compact construction, precision injection-molded connectors and a flat response. Nominal impedance is 50 W. The unit operates from DC to 18 GHz and features a power rating of 5 W (avg) to 25°C ambient temperature derated linearly to 0.5 W at 125°C. The attenuator’s temperature range is from –55° to +125°C. SMA (male or female) connectors are provided. Weight: 0.35 oz (max).

Weinschel Corp., Frederick, MD (800) 638-2048 or (301) 831-4701.


High Current Inductors

The WCM 303 series high current inductors are designed to reduce ripple output voltage and regulate output voltages subject to load change. The units feature good energy storage characteristics and are used in a variety of power-switching topologies. The inductors reduce copper loss, maintain a maximum 25°C temperature rise and exhibit stable electrical characteristics. Application-specific designs are also available. The units are available in a rigid-mount or bare-coil option.

West Coast Magnetics, Livermore, CA (510) 373-7711.


Tunable Bandpass Filters

The ADF series filters are remotely controlled by means of any desired control source such as a radio with digital frequency output, a PC, test equipment with digital control output or any similar devices. Control is available by serial, binary-coded decimal and GPIB/HPIB interfaces. External power source voltage can be specified at +12, +24 or +28 V DC. Each filter covers an octave tuning range. The full range of the series is 48 MHz to 3 GHz. Standard bandwidths are nominally five percent of the tuned center frequency with custom-chosen selectivity of a three- or five-pole response. Typical power handling capability is 50 W.

Daden-Anthony Associates Inc., San Clemente, CA (714) 366-1522.

DC - 18 GHz TNC Male Connector

The model C309761913 TNC male connector is designed for use with 0.141" semirigid cable and operates from DC to 18 GHz. The connector is constructed of a copper beryllium nut ring and contact, silicon rubber gasket and a PTFE insulator. SWR is 1.2 over the specified frequency range, insertion loss is 0.025 * F^0.5 (F in gigahertz) and RF leakage is –100 dB (min).

Coax Connector Corp., Wilmington, MA (508) 657-0693.


SMA 50 ohm Hermetic Glass-to-metal-seal Feed Throughs

These SMA 50 ohm hermetic glass-to-metal-seal feed throughs are available from stock. The company features more than 500 different hermetic seals for use in the RF and microwave industry, including adapters, test fixtures, custom cable assemblies, launchers and capacitors.

Micro Lambda Distributors Inc., Clarksburg, NJ (609) 259-0400.


5 - 18 GHz Double-balanced Mixer

The model B50VYS double-balanced mixer is designed to cover the RF and LO frequency range of 5 to 18 GHz with an IF frequency of DC to 4 GHz. The mixer can be used for up- and downconverter applications. Conversion loss and isolation is 7 dB (typ) and 20 dB (typ), respectively. The unit provides better than +10 dBm P1dB, and an IP3 of +19 dBm. Different package styles are available based on required system configurations. The mixer is hermetically sealed and has removable connectors.

Device Technology, Santa Clara, CA (408) 748-7751.


Multilayer Chip Inductors and EMI Suppressors

These ferrite multilayer chip inductors and EMI suppressors are designed for high frequency applications in cellular telephones, remote control devices, automotive electronics and telecommunication equipment. The inductors are available in values from 0.047 to 220 µH and current ratings from 5 to 100 mA. The suppressors are available with impedance values of 11 ohm ±25 percent to 600 ohm ±25 percent at 100 MHz and with current ratings of 200 to 600 mA (max) depending on model. The inductors and suppressors are packaged in bulk or on seven- and 13-inch reels.

Johanson Manufacturing, Boonton, NJ (201) 334-2676.


7.5 - 18 GHz SP16T PIN Diode Switch

The model SWN-16TDA-HM-ARG absorptive SP16T PIN diode switch operates from 7.5 to 18 GHz with an isolation of 40 dB (typ) and an insertion loss of 4 dB. SWR is 2 and power handling is 1 W operating and 2 W survival. Control is TTL compatible. Size: 6.05" x 4" x 2".

American Microwave Corp., Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700.


Diplexer Detector

The model R7966 diplexer detector is used to combine, filter and level detect two 1 W signals at 2 and 6 GHz. The unit features a bandwidth of 200 MHz; insertion loss of 0.7 and 0.9 dB at 2 and 6 GHz, respectively; band selectivity of 45 dB; and SWR of 1.75. Connectors are SMA female. Size: 1.93" x 1.93" x 0.5". Weight: 3 oz.

Microphase Corp., Norwalk, CT (203) 866-8000.



The model DSP1620 digital signal processor (DSP) operates at 120 million instructions per second using a 3 V power supply. The unit is manufactured using 0.35 mm processing technology. The DSP is designed for use in GSM, TDMA and CDMA global wireless systems. The device provides on-chip RAM, a dual direct memory access-based buffered serial port and parallel host port I/O. The unit is available in production quantities in a BQFP 132-pin package.

Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group, Bracknell, Berks, UK +44-1734-324299.


ISM Band IC Chipset

This GaAs RF IC chipset is designed to operate in the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz ISM band. The model MRFIC2405 GaAs transconverter integrates a two-stage power amplifier, an LNA, a downmixer, an antenna diversity switch and a transmit/receive switch housed in a 428-02 package. The model MRFIC2406 device is an active GaAs upmixer with off-chip matching for maximum flexibility in an SO-16 package. The model MRFIC2407 amplifier is a low cost, two-stage class A device designed to drive the model MRFIC2405 transconverter, but can be used in a variety of amplifier applications from 2 to 3 GHz. The model MRFIC2410 two-stage power amplifier is housed in a TSSOP-20 package and uses the company’s self-aligned planar MESFET technology for good cost/efficiency tradeoff. Prices: $7.40 each (model MRFIC2405 transconverter); $3.35 each (model MRFIC2406 upmixer); $2.10 each (model MRFIC2407 amplifier); and $6.50 each (model MRFIC2410 two-stage power amplifier). Prices are for production quantities of 10,000 units.

Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector, Tempe, AZ (602) 413-3593.



PCS Linearly Polarized Dual Patch Antenna

The model S18512P PCS linearly polarized dual patch antenna provides reception and transmission in the 1850 to 1990 MHz frequency band. The unit is housed in rugged low profile, UV-stable polycarbonate radome, which is weather resistant for outdoor applications. The antenna provides a minimum of 12 dBi gain with a nominal 62° x 25° half-power beamwidth. The antenna features an SWR of 2 (max) on 50 ohm impedance. Size: 6" x 13" x 1". A variety of standard and custom mounting configurations are available. Mounting configurations can provide fixed or variable-pointing angles.

Cushcraft Corp., Manchester, NH (603) 627-7877.


2.4 GHz Antennas

These rubber duck-style antennas are designed for WLAN, ISM, telemetry, video and wireless data applications. The center-fed half-wave antennas demonstrate good radiation patterns with up to 3 dBi gain. Federal Communications Commission part 15-compliant connectors are available as well as the standard SMA, TNC and N connectors. The antennas can be terminated with a coaxial pigtail that can be soldered directly to the terminal or PCB. The antenna housing is weather resistant and the antennas can be used for outside remote-monitoring installations. The N connector provides a rugged connection.

Mobile Mark, Schiller Park, IL (847) 671-6690.


Aircraft Omnidirectional Antenna

The model 9652-800 satellite communications (SATCOM)/GPS aircraft, circularly polarized omnidirectional antenna is lightweight and sealed within a UV-inhibited radome. The unit features a frequency range from 1.53 to 1.59 GHz, right-hand circular polarization, gain of 3.5 dBic (nom), elevation coverage of 25° to 60° (fixed) and an SMA female RF connection. Weight: 11.3 oz.

Seavey Engineering Associates Inc., Cohasset, MA (617) 383-9722.



Rack-Mounted PCN/PCS Power Amplifiers

The model ACAM-7960 rack-mounted personal communications network (PCN)/PCS power amplifier operates from 1800 to 2400 MHz and is packaged in a 19" rack enclosure. The unit features 10 W (min) of output power, gain of 40 dB, flatness of ±1 dB, 1 dB gain compression of +40 dBm, third-order intercept point (IP3) of +52 dBm and input/output SWR of 2.

Advanced Control Components Inc., Eatontown, NJ (908) 542-7500.


GSM Power Amplifier

The model AP 112-79 Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) amplifier provides good output power at 34.5 dBm with a 3.5 V supply. The amplifier provides 55 percent power-added efficiency. With a 20 percent reduction in voltage, efficiency is maintained at 50 percent (min). At a 12 dBm input power level, the amplifier exhibits 22.5 dB of gain.

Alpha Industries Inc., Woburn, MA (800) 290-7200, ext. 306 or (508) 628-4702, ext. 306.


Dual-mode/Dual-band Power Amplifier

The model AWT919D dual-mode/dual-band power amplifier is designed for dual-band cellular 800 MHz Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS)/Digital AMPS (DAMPS) (North American Digital Cellular) and PCS1900 applications. The amplifier features a high level of integration through two amplifiers housed in one surface-mount package. The 5.8 V power amplifier’s 800 MHz section is a two-stage device that operates in two externally selectable analog and digital modes. In analog mode (class B operation), the device delivers an average output power of 28.5 dBm with typical gain of 24 dB and a typical power-added efficiency of 45 percent. In digital mode (class AB), the device delivers 31.5 dBm peak envelope power with typical gain of 25 dB, typical power-added efficiency of 40 percent and third-order intermodulation products > 24 dBc. The 1900 MHz section is a three-stage power amplifier operating in a class AB mode to achieve the linearity and adjacent-channel power requirements of cellular telephone transmitters utilizing the PCS1900 DAMPS digital modulation standard. The amplifier delivers 31 dBm of peak envelope power with 25 dB typical gain, typical power-added efficiency > 30 percent and third-order intermodulation products > 24 dBc. Price: $10 (100,000).

ANADIGICS Inc., Warren, NJ (908) 668-5000.


Dual-mode Power Amplifier

The model CMM0333 5 V power amplifier for portable cellular handsets designed for digital or analog operation in the 824 to 928 MHz frequency range is part of the company’s Triniti DX™ line of RF MMIC power amplifiers. The amplifier features 32 dBm IS-136 AMPS (digital) output power and 32.5 dBm AMPS (analog) output power from a standard +5 V supply. Electrical characteristics include 40 percent power-added efficiency (digital bias), up to 60 percent linear power-added efficiency (analog bias) and 40 dB gain. The unit is assembled in a surface-mount SO-8 power package compatible with high volume, automated board assembly. Samples are available from stock. Price: $5 each (100,000).

Celeritek Inc., Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-5060.


50 ohm Bipolar Amplifier

The model CMA-101 single-ended, 50 ohm, class A bipolar amplifier features a P1dB of 500 mW from a 12 V supply at 180 mA. The device provides more than 13 dB gain over the entire 2 to 200 MHz band with an IP3 of +42 dBm. The unit is packaged in a high dissipation, ceramic SO-8 surface-mount package that combines low inductance and high current-handling capabilities with cost-effective packaging and surface-mount assembly techniques. Price: $7.95 in production quantities. Delivery: stock.

RF Products Inc., Sacramento, CA (916) 736-6740.


60 W Feedforward Linear Power Amplifier

This 60 W multichannel linear power amplifier is designed for digital and analog cellular applications. The amplifier operates from 869 to 894 MHz and utilizes feedforward correction techniques to achieve ultra-linearity characteristics. Each correction loop is microprocessor controlled to ensure optimum intermodulation distortion (IMD) performance during any mode of operation (70 dBc (nom) when measured with 50 random phase sets). The unit is housed in a 5.25" high, 19" rack enclosure.

MPD Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Microwave Power Devices Inc., Hauppauge, NY (516) 231-1400.


800 – 960 MHz High Dynamic Range Amplifier

The model QBH-8900 cellular band, high dynamic range amplifier operates from 800 to 960 MHz and features gain of 22 dB, input/output SWR of 1.3 and IP3 of +46 dBm. The amplifier has a 1 dB compression point (P1dB) of +30 dBm at 12 V/300 mA. Noise figure is 2.5 dB and reverse isolation is 40 dB. RF input and output decoupling are internal to the amplifier.

Q-bit Corp., Palm Bay, FL (800) 226-1772.


450 - 3000 MHz High Intercept Amplifier

The model WJ-AH1 high intercept amplifier features a frequency range of 450 to 3000 MHz, output IP3 of 40 dBm and power output at 1 dB of 21 dBm. The amplifier is suitable for transceiver applications in cellular, PCS, cellular digital packet data, wireless data and paging infrastructures. The amplifier is supplied in an SOT-89 package and is available on tape and reel for automated assembly. Price: $4.50 in production quantities.

Watkins-Johnson Co., Microwave Products Group, Palo Alto, CA (415) 493-4141.


High Power Solid-state Amplifier

The QPN series high power solid-state amplifiers utilize advanced MMIC and FET devices for state-of-the-art performance within the frequency range of 18 to 40 GHz in K- and Ka-bands. Output power levels are 1 to 2 W at the P1dB over a typical bandwidth of 1 GHz. Gain can be specified within a typical range of 20 to 40 dB. Each amplifier has an internal bias voltage regulator that accepts ±9 to 12 V DC and provides reverse- and over-voltage protection. The amplifiers are supplied with a choice of input and output connectors, including SMA or K coaxial connectors, or waveguide flanges with or without integral isolators.

QuinStar Technology Inc., Torrance, CA (310) 320-1111.


Linear Power Amplifier

The model BHED2718-1000/4398 class AB linear power amplifier operates from 20 to 100 MHz with 1000 W of output power. The high speed, solid-state filter/switch assembly provides > 60 dB in-band harmonic suppression, with < 50 ms switching speeds. A combination of both RS-422 and IEEE-488 control interfaces provides remote control and monitoring functions. Power requirements are 208 V AC, three phase, 50/60 Hz. Size: 33.25" x 19" x 26".

Comtech PST Corp., Melville, NY (516) 777-8900.


100 W VHF Solid-state Amplifiers

The models WPA-0020550-50 and WPA-0050150-50 100 W VHF solid-state amplifiers operate from 20 to 50 MHz and 50 to 150 MHz, respectively. The amplifiers feature an output power at P1dB of 100 W (min), input power of 10 dBm (max), gain at 25°C of 53 ±2 dB, gain flatness at 25°C of ±1.5 dB (full band) and gain control range of 10 dB (min) from 0 to 5 V DC. The units operate from –20° to +50°C with a noise figure of 15 dB (max). Size: 8" x 3" x 1".

Wavesat Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada (514) 739-9918.



Silicon Bipolar Wideband Transistors

These fifth-generation, high performance, low voltage silicon bipolar RF transistors are designed for use in 1.8 GHz cordless and cellular telephones. The models BFG403W, BFG410W and BFG425W have a maximum fT at collector currents of 3, 10 and 25 mA, respectively. The devices feature a gain of over 20 dB at 2 GHz and noise figures as low as 1.2 dB. When used in mixer and VCO circuits, the devices provide the high gain and low phase noise required for stable operation. Capable of maintaining good gain at VCE voltages as low as 1 V, the BFG403W is suitable for use as a low noise amplifier in 900 MHz pager receivers where it can achieve noise figures as low as 1 dB. The medium-power models BFG480W and BFG21W have maximum fT values at collector currents of 80 and 250 mA, respectively. The devices are suitable for use as driver stages in the RF power amplifiers of cellular telephones. Prices: approximately 30¢ (small-signal models) and 45¢ (medium-power models).

Philips Semiconductors, Eindhoven, the Netherlands +31 40 272 20 91.


Four-capacitor Array

The W3A series 0612 chip four-capacitor array is currently available in an NPO dielectric rated at 16, 25, 50 and 100 V with capacitance ranges from 10 to 470 pF; in an X7R dielectric rated at 16, 25, 50 and 100 V with capacitance ranges from 470 pF to 0.10 µF; and in a Y5V dielectric rated at 16, 25 and 50 V with capacitance ranges from 0.01 to 0.33 µF. Prices: range from 6¢ to 13¢ (100,000). Delivery: stock to eight weeks (ARO).

AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, SC (803) 946-0414.


Ku-Band GaAs MESFETs

Three new power GaAs MESFETs are available currently, including the model NEZ1414-8E 8 W version, the model NEZ1414-4E 4 W version and the model NEZ1414-2E 2 W version. The class A devices provide high output power, gain and efficiency for Ku-band SATCOM applications. Typical P1dB power outputs are 39.5, 36.5 and 34 dBm for the 8, 4 and 2 W versions, respectively. Prices: $465 (model NEZ1414-8E), $240 (model NEZ1414-4E) and $125 (model NEZ1414-2E). Prices are for production orders of 100 units.

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-3500.


SONET SAW Oscillators

These synchronous optical network (SONET) SAW oscillators are available at 2488, 622 and 155 MHz for use in data-transmission and clock-recovery applications in fiber-optic systems. The units provide low noise and high stability frequency sources in small hermetically sealed packages. The next-generation 2488 MHz model provides low phase noise < –90 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset (typ), good tuning linearity 25 percent (typ) over the tuning range and a wide range of output powers up to 17 dBm. Power consumption is < 125 mA (typ).

Andersen Laboratories Inc., Bloomfield, CT (860) 286-9090.


Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator

The model SMOCXO™ oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) is designed for use in PCS and cellular base stations, test equipment and synthesizers, and operates from 10 to 40 MHz, measures 1" x 1" x 0.5" and features gull-wing leads. The complete OCXO weighs < 12 g. The unit meets a temperature stability specification of ±5 x 10–8 from 0° to +70°C and features aging of ±0.5 ppm per year. The OCXO operates from a +5 V supply with a steady-state power of 1 W. At 100 Hz, phase noise is –130 dBc/Hz.

Oak Frequency Control Group (OFC), Mount Holly Springs, PA (717) 486-3411.


Surface-mount Ovenized Oscillators

The 108 series surface-mount ovenized oscillators weigh < 15 g and measure less than two-thirds of a cubic inch, covering a frequency range from 5 to 50 MHz. The oscillators use either a precision AT or SC crystal to achieve a wide range of performance and cost levels. The SC crystal technology features temperature stabilities as low as ±10 ppb from –40° to +85°C and meet the 50 ppb per year GSM requirement or the ±1 ppm for 20 years Stratum 3E requirement. The temperature performance is as low as ±50 ppb from –30° to +70°C with aging rates as low as 200 ppb per year. Both models are equipped with electronic frequency adjust that allows for calibration or steering of the oscillator manually or through software control. Prices: $125 to $180 (1000).

Reeves-Hoffman, Carlisle, PA (717) 243-5929.


Miniature VCOs

The models VLA925 and VLA1520 miniature VCOs operate from a 5 or 8 V DC supply at 25 mA (max). The model VLA925 tunes from 925 to 960 MHz with a tuning voltage of 1 to 8 V. Phase noise at 25 and 800 kHz offset is –122 dBc/Hz (typ) and –154 dBc/Hz (typ), respectively. The model VLA1520 tunes from 1520 to 1660 MHz with a tuning voltage of 1.5 to 8 V. Phase noise at 800 kHz offset is –142 dBc/Hz (typ).

Tekelec Temex, Montreuil, Cedex, France +33 (0) 1 49 88 49 00.


3.3 V SMT Oscillator

The model EC1500SJ plastic surface-mount J-lead oscillator offers a rugged surface-mount package in an industry-standard footprint with a 3.3 V supply voltage. The oscillator is designed for use in networking products, portables, laptop computers and telecommunication devices. The oscillator operates from 1 to 66.667 MHz. Options include ±50 ppm tolerance/stability, tight duty cycle and tristate function. Tape-and-reel packaging is standard in 1000-piece increments and deliveries are from stock to 10 weeks.

Ecliptek Corp., Costa Mesa, CA (800) 325-4783.


High Performance 3 V VCXO

This high performance voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) equipped in an industry-standard J-lead surface-mount ceramic package includes a 3 or 5 V supply, frequencies up to 155 MHz, pullability to 150 ppm, phase jitter < 20 ps and a 20 ppm stability over the temperature range. The J package also features six leads with a tristate option.

Vectron Technologies Inc. (VTI), Hudson, NH (603) 598-0070.


151 – 179 MHz Surface-mount VCO

The model V165ME01 VCO delivers a clean spectral signal of –110 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier while operating over the extended temperature range of –40° to +85°C. Generating frequencies from 151 to 179 MHz, the unit covers the 28 MHz bandwidth within 0 to 4 V DC of control, making it suitable for phase-locked loop (PLL) designs. The VCO has an average gain of 21 MHz/V over the frequency band while suppressing the second harmonic to better than –10 dBc. The unit minimizes frequency deviation due to changes in temperature and strengthens PLL designs due to its fairly linear tuning sensitivity across the frequency range. The unit features a pulling response better than 1 MHz with a 14 dB return loss (any phase) and a pushing specification < 5 MHz/V from the nominal supply. Size: 0.50" x 0.50" x 0.22".

Z-Communications Inc., San Diego, CA (619) 621-2700.



Portable Signal Strength Meter

The Champ series hand-held, battery-powered, portable signal strength meter is designed to find RF shadows in indoor wireless systems for drive-around studies to detect RF leakage and propagation coverage. The Personal Computer Memory Cards International Association (PCMCIA) memory system stores data for post processing. Several frequencies are available, including 1850 to 1910 MHz and 1930 to 1995 MHz for PCS; 150, 450 and 928 to 941 MHz for paging; 900 to 931 MHz for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) bands; and 824 to 848 MHz and 848 to 869 MHz for AMPS. The meter also features an internal eight-channel GPS, fast-charge circuit, the capability to input X/Y coordinates from a floor plan and odometer input for correlation to footage during drive-around studies. Weight: approximately 5 lb.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Metuchen, NJ (908) 548-3737.


Synthesizer Complex Modulation Capability

This user-downloaded complex modulation capability is designed for use in the company’s El Toro family of synthesized signal generators. The capability enables users to download custom waveforms to the two waveform generators, drive any of the modulators with either internal connections or external loops, synchronize the two generators for complex modulation and specify random waveform access to stimulate traffic. Windows™-based software is supplied with the capability, which provides an easy-to-use interface. Using the capability, user-defined signals can be created anywhere in the 10 MHz to 65 GHz range. Price: $4000 (including software).

Anritsu Wiltron Co., Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4061.


805 - 960 MHz Test Transmitter

The Cell 20 series test transmitter is suitable for designing and installing cellular communication and specialized mobile radio networks. The unit is a combination signal generator and power amplifier that operates in the 900 MHz frequency band. The transmitter is easy to operate and rugged enough to withstand outdoor operation and frequent handling. A microprocessor-controlled front panel features amplitude and output power selection via a numerical key pad with digital display for each parameter. The unit operates from 805 to 960 MHz (min) and features frequency resolution of 10 kHz, frequency stability of ±2 ppm, phase noise of –55 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz from the carrier and output power range of +20 to +43 dBm in 1 dB increments.

Chesapeake Microwave Technologies Inc., Glen Rock, PA (717) 235-1655.


Probe Holder

The model DCP-HTR probe holder delivers ultra-low noise and leakage performance from –65° to 300°C for state-of-the-art reliability testing. The holder’s design offers good guarding and shielding over temperature and overcomes the high temperature performance limitations of standard coaxial needles. The unit is designed as an integral part of the company’s complete wafer measurement solution. Price: $495. A box of 10 replaceable probe tips can be purchased separately.

Cascade Microtech Inc., Beavertown, OR (503) 626-9231.


Counter Power Meter

This counter power meter combines an integrated microwave frequency counter and true power meter for all microwave link installation and maintenance requirements. The unit has been designed to ease the demand for installation and maintenance of microwave links. Two versions are available to meet the standard international radio link frequencies, including the models CPM 20 (20 GHz version) and CPM 46 (46 GHz version). For immediate operation, the frequency counter uses a digitally controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, which requires no warmup period. The unit’s large display uses transreflective liquid-crystal display technology, which provides good visibility whatever the weather or light conditions, showing instrument status and both power and frequency measurements simultaneously. The counter power meter is designed for fast and reliable installation and maintenance of rapidly expanding microwave network communication systems.

Marconi Instruments, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK01438 742200.


Conditioned Air Stream System

This conditioned air stream system (CASS) has been developed to deliver a precisely controlled thermal air stream to a remote test site. The system meets all the requirements of combined shake-and-bake characterization such as test site temperature uniformity, easy access for device loading and unloading, and fixed cable harness for reliability. With all functions operational by the front panel or remotely via RS-232/422/485 or IEEE-488 general-purpose interface bus, the CASS can be used for manual and automated test applications.

Environmental Stress Systems Inc. (ESS), Sonora, CA (209) 588-1993.


RF/Microwave Probe

The model HI-4456 RF/microwave probe is part of the company’s HI-4000 series RF/microwave hazard-measurement system for protection against RF and microwave radiation. The probe provides true RMS E-field detection and measurement between 300 MHz and 18 GHz with custom calibration points available up to 40 GHz.

Holaday Industries Inc., Eden Prairie, MN (612) 934-4920.


Chuck Adapter Plates

These chuck adapter plates have been designed to test microstrip packages for the company’s model Jr-2700 microprobing test fixture. The adapter plates hold the microstrip package securely. The top plate allows up to three microwave positioners and several DC needle positioners to precisely locate test probes on the package input and output contacts. Positioners can be locked to assure rigid and repeatable microwave measurements. A positive-locking mechanism on the sliding stage/chuck is incorporated for rapid load/unload and precise locations. Calibration of test environment is through industry-standard and traceable calibration standards. Delivery: six weeks.

J microTechnology, Portland, OR (503) 614-9509.


Millimeter Waveguide Band Automated Tuner

The model MT979A WR10 millimeter waveguide band automated tuner allows the user to make load- and source-pull power and noise measurements over the full band from 75 to 110 GHz. The tuner features a repeatability of more than 50 dB, provides a minimum SWR matching range of 20:1 and has dissipative losses < 4 dB within the specified matching range. The tuners incorporate precision flanges and will mate with UG-385/U flanges.

Maury Microwave Corp., Ontario, CA (909) 987-4715.


1 - 4500 MHz Low Cost Test Sources

These low cost, phase-locked test sources operating from 1 to 4500 MHz are available off the shelf with custom options to 20 GHz. Options include amplitude stabilization and adjustment, low phase noise, wide tuning range, phase locking to an external reference, a high stability reference and an internal power supply. Price: approximately $500.

RF Prototype Systems, San Diego, CA (800) 874-8037 or (619) 689-9715.


Large-area Probing Station

The model 2250 large-area manual probing station is designed for performing diagnostic probing of flat-panel display substrates or PCB-mounted delidded package devices. The probe station is mounted on a vibration isolation air table and features two manipulator platens that are independently movable to provide x-direction probe positioning. Each platen features a thumbwheel-controlled track drive for gross manipulator positioning in the y direction. By combining the x platen movement and y track drive, probing can be performed over a wide area in several probing combinations. A large microscope mount and fully supported boom assembly provide maximum stability and up to 15" x 24" gross microscope positioning. Delivery: eight to 10 weeks.

The Micromanipulator Company Inc., Carson City, NV (702) 882-2400.


Portable Spectrum Analyzer

The model U3641 portable spectrum analyzer weighs 8 kg including the power supply and is suitable for field maintenance of community antenna television and digital mobile communications systems. The analyzer operates up to 3 GHz, utilizes a fully synthesized LO and features resolution filters of 1 kHz to 3 MHz. Other features include a tiltable thin-film technology color monitor, scalar network analysis, a noise floor of –135 dBm with an internal preamplifier, a 1 Hz resolution frequency counter, a 50 ms sweep in case of zero span, a tracking generator up to 2.2 GHz, a gated sweep function and comprehensive evaluation functions. The unit can be operated in the field for two hours from the built-in supplied battery. Other standard features include a battery charger, carrying straps and handle, front cover and a rucksack for additional batteries.

Rohde & Schwarz UK Ltd., Fleet, Hants, UK 01252 811377.


I/Q Interface

This I/Q interface module allows wireless design engineers to test their digital systems at baseband before the corresponding RF system is completed. The I/Q interface provides two input ports and two output ports per channel, in either single-ended or differential format. Nominal input and output power levels are 0 and –24 dBm, respectively. Standard connectors are BNC female with 50 ohm impedances. The unit’s large bandwidth accommodates time-division multiple access (TDMA), GSM, PCS1900, CDMA and wideband CDMA signals.

Noise Com Inc., Paramus, NJ (201) 261-8797.


Microwave Reflectometer

The model PR-17L-Ku microwave reflectometer covers the frequency range from 2 to 18 GHz over an operating temperature range of 0° to 50°C. The unit interfaces with an attached model HP100LX palmtop computer. Antennas are set to a ±15° bistatic measurement angle. The reflectometer is suitable for use in quality-control, nondestructive testing and basic research. The unit is equipped with a carrying case and is supplied with an AC power unit and a rechargeable DC battery pack for portable operation. Weight: 12.5 lb.

Millimeter Wave Technology Inc., Marietta, GA (770) 425-9382.


PHS Wireless Communications Test System

The model PHS-LAB™ test system tests and evaluates personal handyphone system (PHS) wireless communications equipment. The system consists of two synchronized model 4500 FLEX4™ RF channel emulators to provide precise correlation control. The system includes the company’s TASKIT®/Diversity for Windows control software, which provides easy setup and control. Internal LOs and RF output attenuators simplify testing by keeping the system integrated and compact. Price: starts at $146,150.

Telecom Analysis Systems Inc. (TAS), Eatontown, NJ (908) 544-8700.


600 MHz Scope Calibration Option

Option 600, a 600 MHz scope calibration option, is designed for the company’s model 9100 multiproduct calibrator. The unit fits inside the model 9100 and is fully integrated into the calibrator’s front-panel user interface and IEEE-488 control capabilities. The option provides all the calibration waveforms required to calibrate analog and digital storage oscilloscopes up to 600 MHz. The timing accuracy of 0.25 ppm allows accurate calibration of the precision timebases in the digital storage oscilloscopes. The option is fully supported by the model 9100’s PCMCIA card-based procedure mode and by the company’s 9010 and Portocal-II calibration support software packages.

Wavetek Corp., Instruments Division, San Diego, CA (619) 279-2200.


FM-AM Signal Generators

The SG series programmable FM-AM signal generators operate from 100 kHz to 2 GHz. The models SG-7200 and SG-7130 offer frequency capabilities of 2 GHz and 1.3 GHz, respectively. The signal generators are fully programmable and feature GPIB as a standard feature. Modulation modes include FM, AM, and simultaneous AM-FM and FM-FM. A full-function memory stores up to 100 panel settings for rapid access and recall. Output levels are easily set in 0.1 dB steps from –133 to +13 dBm.

Kenwood UK Ltd., Watford, UK +44 (0) 1923 218794.


PCM Channel Analyzer

The model PCM-40 pulse code modulation (PCM) channel analyzer now operates under Microsoft Windows 3.11, which simplifies its operation. All settings can be accessed from the main menu screen, test configurations are displayed graphically and clicking on a test component shown in the graphics opens a field with the relevant parameters. Results are exported easily to other PC software and on-line help is provided. Earlier PCM-40 versions running under DOS can be upgraded to this new interface.

Wandel & Goltermann GmbH & Co., Eningen, Germany +49 7121 86-1616.



Airborne Frequency Synthesizer

This airborne frequency synthesizer’s miniaturized construction allows for custom designs with applications in airborne radar, electronic warfare and electronic countermeasure systems where weight, size and frequency agility are of paramount importance. Features include a 30 nS switching speed, phase coherency, low power consumption, wideband frequency coverage and airborne fighter environmental shock and vibration specifications.

Aeroflex, Plainview, NY (516) 694-6700.


Dual-channel Digital Receiver/Filter/Tuner

The Decimator series digital receiver/filter/tuner card for versa module Eurocard (VME) bus provides a 100 Msps (40 MHz analog) digital signal processing capability in a single-slot 6 U VME card. The dual-channel architecture provides flexible tuning, filtering and decimation of real-world analog signals with optional 10 bit 100 Msps analog-to-digital or digital signals with 12-bit precision. The unit can decimate or interpolate by 64 with up to 256 taps of finite impulse response filters. I/O daughtercards (both analog and digital) allow for flexible interfacing.

APCOM Inc., Gaithersburg, MD (301) 948-5900.


Low Profile Digital Video Exciters

The DVE series low profile digital video exciters represent the next generation in Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG)-2/digital video broadcasting (DVB) satellite uplinks. Housed in two rack units, the exciters combine MPEG-2 encoding, DVB modulation and RF frequency-conversion functions into an integrated package. Operating at data rates from 1.5 to 15 Mbps, the exciters provide selectable horizontal video resolutions up to 704 pixels per line with 576 and 480 lines of vertical resolution for phase-alternation line or National Television System Committee, respectively. Several models are available, including the 14 to 14.5 GHz Ku-band model DVE-14, the 5.850 to 6.425 GHz C-band model DVE-6, the 70 MHz IF output model DVE-70, the 17.3 to 17.8 GHz Ka-band model DVE-17 and the 950 to 1525 MHz L-band model DVE-L.

LNR Communications Inc., Hauppauge, NY (516) 273-7111.


Integrated GPS Receiver

This GPS frequency reference controller with integrated receiver, antenna and stabilized oscillator in a single weatherproof package is designed for external roof mounting. The unit contains everything necessary to provide a high performance frequency standard, continuously monitoring up to eight GPS satellites for the long-term reference. A RG-58/U coaxial cable carries power to the remote unit and routes the frequency reference signal to the user. Available factory-preconfigured outputs include 5, 10 and 13 MHz, and 2048 kHz G703/10 or 2048 kbps G703/6. The unit has an operating temperature range from –30° to +75°C. An external supply in the 12 to 76 V DC range is required to power the receiver. Size: 160 x 160 x 90 mm.

Sematron UK Ltd., Basingstoke, Hants, UK 01256 812222.


Chirp Synthesizer Module

The model STEL-9949 chirp synthesizer is a stand-alone module with associated software designed for high performance digital synthesis of waveforms. Utilizing advanced digital techniques, this unit synthesizes high fidelity, long-duration chirp waveforms. A 1 GHz update rate and 32-bit resolution allow designers to maintain precise control over waveforms. Control data are loaded over a bit-serial RS-422 interface. An external TTL level trigger controls the chirp start and duration. Other features include a DC to 400 MHz output range, chirp duration of 1.65 s and power consumption of 25 W.

Stanford Telecom, Microwave Systems Division, Lowell, MA (508) 441-0200.


Wideband Low Noise Synthesizers

The MTS-1500 series wideband low noise synthesizers are permanent magnet yttrium iron garnet-based frequency synthesizers developed for use in high data rate, complex modulation-based point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems. The units provide the noise margin for 16-, 64-, 128- and 256-quadrature amplitude modulation schemes with frequency coverage from 4 to 50 GHz. The synthesizers combine low noise, broadband frequency coverage and power-efficient performance in a small package and are fully compliant with ETSI 300019 environmental standards for harsh outdoor environments from –30° to +70°C. Production quantities will be available in August.

VertiCom Inc., Santa Rosa, CA (415) 324-8819.



High Speed Die Loader/Inverter

The model MRSI-906 high speed die loader/inverter is designed to remove bumped flip chips directly from a diced wafer and present the bumps down to the model MRSI-505 ultra-precision flip-chips’ assembly work cell. The system utilizes upward-looking optics to provide high speed vision processing of bumps or features. The inverter’s design allows for parallel processing of flip-chip die to increase the overall system throughput. The unit also features multiple wafer capability, and can choose from a variety of wafer sizes, including eight inch.

MRSI, Chelmsford, MA (508) 256-4950.


Cognex Vision System

Laser Height Sensing, a new Cognex vision system, is now included with a Pentium™ processor in the company’s model 3500-II automatic component assembly cell. These features enable faster, more powerful, fully automatic, high speed precision microelectronics assembly. The new system can be used for noncontact measurement in the construction of multichip modules where precise fluid dispense and bond line thickness are required. The assembly cell performs automation functions with fully programmable handling options for several applications. Custom configurations are also available. The assembly cell operates in a Windows-based environment.

Palomar Products Inc., Assembly and Test Products, Carlsbad, CA (619) 931-3622.



Cylindrical Microstrip Simulation Software

The Clementine™ CAD software package simulates microstrip antennas and feed networks on a cylindrical surface, and includes S- and Z-parameters, far fields, axial ratio and surface currents. The package includes a CAD drawing environment, moment-method 2.5-D electromagnetic simulation and a graphical post processor. Drawings can be exported to DXF and Gerber formats. The software runs on PCs under Windows 3.1, NT and ’95.

Boulder Microwave Technologies Inc., Boulder, CO (303) 541-9525, ext. 26.



Low Loss Copper-clad Laminate

The model GML 1000 copper-clad laminate is designed for use in microstrip antennas yet meets the requirements for other high frequency applications. At 2.5 GHz, the 0.060-inch-thick material features a Dk of 3.05, a Df of 0.003 and an insertion loss of 0.05 dB per inch. The laminate is targeted to bridge the gap in performance between FR4 and PTFE laminates and approaches the performance of woven-glass-reinforced PTFE laminates. The material is available in 0.020", 0.030" and 0.060" thicknesses with either 1 or 0.50 oz ED copper. The polyester resin and glass reinforcement allows the laminate to be machined and processed through standard FR4 board shops and assembly operations.

Glasteel Industrial Laminates (GIL),a division of the Alpha Corp.,Collierville, TN (800) 537-1306.