Microwave Journal

X-COM Systems to demonstrate latest broadband signal capture, multi-Cchannel signal generation, and signal analysis and editing software at AOC

October 24, 2013

X-COM Systems LLC, a subsidiary of Bird Technologies, will be exhibiting its products for broadband signal capture, recording, playback, and multi-channel signal generation at the 50th AOC International Symposium and Convention, October 27 to 30 in the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC. The company will also have its Mobile Measurement Vehicle (MMV) on the exhibit floor. The MMV is a customer-tailored mobile measurement suite housed in a van that can be configured to provide all of X-COM’s capabilities including direction finding.

X-COM’s booth will include demonstrations of the company’s latest products, including the IQC5000A Series broadband RF capture, record, and playback system; VSG5000A multi-channel, phase-coherent vector signal generator; and the latest versions of its Spectro-X signal analysis software and RF Editor waveform editing software. Application-specific demonstrations of the MMV’s mobile measurement environment will also be conducted at the booth.

Attendees can visit X-COM Systems in Booth 411.