Microwave Journal

A1 Microwave to display Ka-Band combiners for satcom transmitter applications at EuMW

October 3, 2013

A1 Microwave has recently developed a range of Ka-Band combiners for satellite communications transmitter applications. The 2 and 4 way combiners are used to combine the output power levels produced from transmitter amplifiers to achieve an overall high output level.

The PB1633WA is a Magic Tee 4 way combiner which operates over a passband of 27 to 31 GHz and has an insertion loss of only 0.5 dB. This combiner also has amplitude matching between the 4 output ports of +/- 0.15 dB typical, and phase matching of +/- 6 degrees. This is an extremely compact product and we can provide custom versions if required to suit individual mechanical outline requirements.

This is one of a range of new products introduced by A1 Microwave to address the rapidly expanding Ka-Band markets for satellite communications.

All the new products can be seen at the A1 website www.a1microwave.com