Microwave Journal

Agilent offers simplified power-added efficiency testing

September 26, 2013

If you are assessing the power conversion efficiency of your power amplifiers, you are probably making power-added efficiency (PAE) measurements. Most PAE test setups use multiple instruments – such as RF power meters, digital oscilloscopes and DC power analyzers – to calculate RF voltage and current measurements.

Now you can conduct simple and straightforward PAE testing with a single instrument. Download an application note that shows an alternative setup that allows you to do PAE testing with the 8990B peak power analyzer, which now comes with added PAE math functions. The application note also illustrates how to plot a graph of PAE versus power or frequency.

Learn how the 8990B peak power analyzer can simplify your PAE testing. Read this application note today.

View this video to learn how to set up a simple PAE test with the 8990B peak power analyzer.