Microwave Journal

Harmonic Mixer: STH-2MSF-S1

September 16, 2013

2013-07-24 STH-2M2F-S1 (2)Model STH-2MSF-S1 is a harmonic mixer to cover the frequency range from 25 to 50 GHz with 2.4 mm (M) coaxial connector as RF input port and SMA (F) connector as combined LO/ IF port. The harmonic mixer exhibits minimum -20 dBm receiving sensitivity cross the entire 25 to 50 GHz with +13 dBm LO driving power level. The LO frequency range is 5 to 6 GHz and IF is 1 to 1.5 GHz.

An alternative model, STH-KMSF-S1 with K(M) RF input connector is also available to cover same frequency range .

The harmonic mixer measures 0.75” (W) x 0.80” (L) x 0.34” (T). Other harmonic mixer with various model numbers covering frequency range up to D Band (170 GHz) is also available from SAGE Millimeter, Inc.