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CAD import and export filters are now included in the standard FEKO license


September 4, 2013

EM Software & Systems – S.A. (Pty) Ltd. announced that from 1 September 2013 all import and export CAD filters will be enabled in the FEKO Silver, Gold and Platinum Licences free of charge. FEKO users with paid up M&S will therefore immediately benefit from this change. In the past, CAD import and export filters had to be purchased as separate modules. A list of available CAD import and export filters can be found on the Platforms and Licences page of the FEKO website, http://bit.ly/1adBxzg

The soon to be released FEKO Suite 6.3 will feature many CAD fixing capabilities. The filters and the CAD and imported mesh fixing will increase the efficiency of the FEKO users and cut down on the design cycle of new products.