Microwave Journal

Marki Microwave introduces new high power baluns and bias tees

June 26, 2013

GaN power amplifiers are driving demand for increased power handling from supporting passive components, and Marki Microwave is responding with new high power bias tees and baluns. The new high power surface mount baluns (BALH-0003SMG and BALH-0006SMG) have a 37 dBm 1 dB compression point and improved 5 dB insertion loss (2 dB excess). The connectorized high power baluns (BALH-0003 and BAL-0006) have a similar insertion loss and show no compression up to 37 dBm input power.

The new line of connectorized high power bias tees come with 50 V DC blocking capacitors standard. They are available with either 1 amp (BT1, BTN1) or 2 amps (BT2, BTN2)of DC current carrying capability. The RF power rating of these components is limited by the connector selection.

Both of these component lines are excellent for test and measurement of GaN and other exotic semiconductor power amplifiers.