Microwave Journal

EBand Passive Tripler: SFP-123KF-S1

June 25, 2013

sfp-123kf-s1Model SFP-123KF-S1 is a resistive diode based passive tripler. The tripler is designed and build with a balanced waveguide configuration, which offers low harmonic emission and high conversion efficiency. The tripler exhibits 20 dB typical conversion loss and converts +20 dBm input power at 20 to 30 GHz to 0 dBm minimum output power at 60 to 90 GHz.

The tripler also shows broader bandwidth covering from 50 to 105 GHz output power with slightly performance degradations. The input port of the tripler is K female or 2.92 mm female coaxial connector and output port is standard WR-12 waveguide with UG387/U flange. The tripler measures 0.75” W x 1.20” L x 0.50” H. Other waveguide bands, such as WR-10 tripler and WR-15 doubler are available as standard models as well.