Microwave Journal

WiGig standard (802.11ad) getting ready to serve

June 24, 2013

IEEE 802.11ad is the latest addition to the IEEE Wireless LAN (WLAN) set of technologies. This new wireless standard promises blazing speeds over short distances with the ratified standard delivering 7Gbps speeds over 60GHz frequencies and should appear in consumer electronics as soon as next year. And in case you're wondering, WiGigis the consumer-friendly marketing name which will encompass 802.11ad and future revisions. Of course, implementing WLAN at 60 GHz rather than 2.4 or 5 GHz, it brings its own set of advantages and challenges. “Understanding 802.11ad Physical Layer and Measurement Challenges” is the title and subject of a new online tutorial from the IEEE Communications Society. This presentation begins with a modest overview of standards and market trends, followed by an in-depth description of the physical layer construction. We include explanations of framing, modulation, encoding, and error correction using example signals and measurements to emphasize principles. Free access to this IEEE presentation is be made possible through a sponsorship by Agilent Technologies.

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