Microwave Journal

NI - 3 Ways to Learn and Play at IMS 2013!

May 29, 2013

Here are three ways to learn, play, and make the most of your week at IMS2013. 

  1. Test Your RF and Microwave IQ at Microwave Jeopardy

    Join us for beer and trivia as we take an IMS twist on the popular television game show. Come by NI Booth #430 Tuesday at 4 p.m. to watch your peers take the hot seat and have their microwave IQ tested on topics ranging from wireless standards and measurements to RF in pop culture.
  2. Explore Vector Network Analyzer Measurements and Architecture

    Register for our complimentary three-hour workshop Wednesday afternoon on the fundamentals of vector network analysis and S-parameter measurements. We’ll explore the trade-offs of vector network analyzer architectures and calibration techniques, common measurement errors, and multiport measurements. 
  3. Party with AWR and NI at GameWorks

    In its ninth year, the annual AWR/NI party has become an IMS tradition. Register to join us Wednesday night for an evening of networking, arcades, billiards, and more. 

Want to learn how NI is redefining RF and microwave instrumentation? Visit NI Booth #430 to
see how NI is applying the latest technology to power amplifier development, network analysis, and load-pull measurements. We will also enter your name for a chance to win a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT powered by LabVIEW. 

NI is at IMS Booth 430 in Seattle!