Microwave Journal

K Band Speed Sensors

May 21, 2013

SSS-24307-27M-S1 and -D1Model SSS-24307-27M-S1 and SSS-24307-27M-D1 speed sensor heads are based on Doppler principle. While Model SSS-24307-27M-S1 is designed and manufactured for moving target speed measurement, Model SSS-24307-27M-D1 is for both speed and direction detection measurement. The operation frequency and output power of the models are at 24.125 GHz and 7 dBm, respectively.

The antenna implemented is a low loss; high performance microstrip patch array delivers 4.6° x 6.8° half power beamwidth, 27 dBi nominal gain and -20 dB side lobe levels. The sensor modules are configured with a T/R diplexer, a single or I/Q receiver and a transmitter/receiver oscillator in an integrated package. Single DC power supply at +5.0 Vdc/200 mA is required. The sensor measures 6.90” (W) x 4.53” (H) x 1.40” (D) and weighs 6.0 Oz.